Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Favorite Watch

The most favorite watch I ever had was given to me by a Ford Motor Company executive. I was working in car sales at the time, and he had snuck past many other salesmen and was looking at a King Ranch edition F-150 that was sitting on the showroom floor. I presented the vehicle to him, and explained it’s many features and functions. He told me that if he were to buy a truck, he would want a 4x4 model and not a 4x2, which is what the truck we were looking at was. I explained to him that most people think they need a 4x4, when in truth they do not, because it rarely snows in our area to where a 4x2 would not be able to make it through. Also, the 4x2 had a limited slip axle, and a weighted bed should be enough to pull it through if the snow got too deep. At this point, he introduced himself as a Ford executive, told me he liked my presentation, and presented me with a watch that had the Ford logo on it’s face. I wore the watch proudly throughout the rest of my days as a salesman.

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James said...

I appreciate your choice for wrist watch!! I too love to wear stylish watches!!