Saturday, July 25, 2009

Golden Age Comics

I was going to post some more stuff last week, but I found an awesome website that has taken up a good bit of my time. Most of the Golden Age Comics of the forties and fifties have fallen into the public domain, and I have been reading them online for free. I have read almost every issue of Kid Eternity published by Quality Comics, and I am now reading from the Forbidden Worlds series.

After you download a comic, you will need to download a program to read it with. I reccomend Gonvisor. Have fun. I know I have.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Revenge of the Living Monolith

In the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, one of the opening scenes show a group of cavemen shrieking and yelling at a black stone monolith that also appears at the end of the film, appearing to a man on his deathbed. When I first saw this film, at the time I never looked for any deeper meaning behind symbols in popular media, and I found the appearance of the monolith to be strange and out of place. Later I came to understand that the monoliths appear just before a great revelation to or jump in the evolution of mankind.
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The movie was made in 1968. On a quick side note, a monolith showed up in a park in Seattle on New Year’s Day 2001, only to mysteriously disappear three days later.

Years before this mysterious event (1992), the Millennium Hilton Hotel was opened. It faced adjacent to the WTC, and anyone who followed synchromysticism at the time would be inclined to think it would bear witness to a revelation in the year 2001.
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The year 2001 will forever be remembered for the attacks of 911. The television brought us horrible images of falling towers and people running from debris.
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If we were to see a monolith in a work of fiction before 1992, it would be amazing. If we were to see one with an illustration of the towers being destroyed, it would be almost beyond comprehension. So here it is.
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Marvel Graphic Novel #17, June, 1985. I assume the living monolith is the pissed off pharaoh punching the tower. As a believer in synchromysticism, my guess is that the next revelation will have something to do with ancient Egypt, as alluded to by Jake over at the Blob.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

More Eerie Comic Book Covers

I was browsing comic book covers the other day, and I found this.

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Marvel Two in One #59, from January, 1980. THe story was written by ralph Madchio, but it was plotted by Marv Wolfman. Wolfman was also the writer for the issue of Wonder Woman where she flew her plane through the towers, and the "Deathstroke" issue that depicted a smoking WTC. Both comics were years before 911.

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I believe that Wolfman and others tapped into something that allowed them to see the future. I don't think they knew 911 was going to happen, to them it was nothing more than an idea for a comic book.

This issue of Ghosts is a bit disturbing.

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Issue #81, Oct 1979. At first glance you might find it innocolous, but look directly above the construction worker's head, and you can see two buildings resembling the WTC. THe skeleton in the cement reminds me of this story.

The pulverized remains of bodies from the World Trade Center disaster site were used by city workers to fill ruts and potholes, a city contractor says in a sworn affidavit filed yesterday in Manhattan Federal Court.

Eric Beck says debris powders - known as fines - were put in a pothole-fill mixture by crews at the Fresh Kills landfill on Staten Island, where more than 1.65 million tons of World Trade Center debris were deposited after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Read more:

If this story is true,it shows a real lack of human decency on the part of public officials for allowing this to happen. I could find no updates on the lawsuit, but I imagine it is ongoing.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Save Money on Kids Eyeglasses

In the summer of 1984, I was a sophomore in high school. Back in those days, summer meant playing outdoor sports during the day and watching late night movies on the television. During one such sporting event, a basketball bounced off of my face, and my glasses broke. I didn’t have a spare pair, and glasses were too expensive of a thing for our family to just go out and buy. I just stopped wearing them for the rest of the summer.
By the time school started, I was getting headaches from trying to read my school work. I took my eyeglasses and taped them back together. I looked like a total dork, but the headaches went away.
If you have kids who wear glasses, the truth is that sooner or later they are going to break them. NO kid should have to go to school with taped up glasses, or suffer from headaches for a couple of weeks because his parents can’t afford them. Thank goodness for, where parents can get a set of eyeglasses for as low as eight dollars. I will never overpay for eyeglasses again.
I love writing about because I know that they save people money.
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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Three More? Plus, Random Comic Book Covers

Academy Award winning Actor Karl Malden died during the past week, and today I heard over the radio that former NFL star Steve Mcnair was found shot to death.

I'm not very familiar with Karl Malden, but I remember Steve Mcnair. Just before the NFL playoffs during the year the Titans went to the Super Bowl, I was stricken with the flu and I was having some very vivid dreams. In one of them, I was on a bus with the Tennessee Titans, sitting next to NFL star Eddie George. Titans coach Jeff Fisher was standing at the head of the bus, and he was making a speech about how everyone on the team had worked their entire lives to get to this point, and that they shouldn't let this opportunity pass them by.

The Titans were a long shot to make the Superbowl that year, but that is where they went. It was a strange dream for me to have because I'm not a Titans fan, but I believe I had it so that I would know that the other dreams that I had while suffering a high fever were equally valid. They were personal dreams that I don't wish to share with the entire world, but I will say this, heaven is real.

If the pattern of three celebrity deaths at a time holds up, there will be another one before the week is over.

I heard the news about Steve Mcnair while I was working on another topic.I have some comic book covers in my collection that I haven't posted here for various reasons, and I wanted to include them all in one post.

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If Magik has a color, I would have to say that it's green. In the above comic Stan Lee offers his take on Green Lantern. The monster with two buildings in his hands caught my eye because it reminded me of another monster.

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The second pic is the spooky face that appeared in the smoke of the WTC. I haven't posted this pic before now because it is very subjective. Still, the comic has a demon destroying two towers, and the smoke face appears in the smoke of the towers. And of course there is the Green Man, who is known in some circles as Osiris.

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In this comic, (Daredevil #349, Feb, 1996) We see another devils head rising above the towers. His head is surrounded by black clouds, which resemble black smoke. Scraps of paper fly about him, and it is interesting to note that the last three numbers on the bar code read 911. Ascent into mystery indeed.

Update: The day after I wrote this post, former Secretary of Defense Robert Mcnamara passed away at his home. He was 93.

The Amazing Hummingbird

Of all the species of bird, I find the Hummingbird to be the most fascinating. With the ability to flap there wings 90 times per second, they can hover in mid air, and even fly backwards.

Hummingbirds are tropical animals, but they migrate north every summer. It is believed that this started happening at the end of the last ice age. The ice melted and retreated, which left a good bit of standing water. After the ice age, the insect population exploded in the northern hemisphere, and the hummingbirds that flew north for the summer had a feast of previously unknown proportions.
Chances are you have hummingbirds in your area. To get a better chance to see these amazing creatures, just install a glass hummingbird feeder on your property. You will soon be up to your ears in hummingbirds.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Celebrities Die in Threes

This is a continuation from the last post. After the deaths of David Carradine, Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson, my wife told me that two more deaths were coming. I didn't believe it because I always thought the saying was based on our perceptions and had no basis in fact. Then two more celebrities died.

We were in the backyard and I was enjoying a glass of iced tea when I heard over the radio of a another celebrity death. I wasn't paying close attention to the radio, so I first heard the name as pitcher Willie Mays, aged 50. Willie Mays is the legendary outfielder for the San Francisco Giants, not a pitcher and currently 78 years young. I found out later that it was pitchman Billy Mays, the man who did commercials for OxiClean.

On June 27, 2009 Actress and recording star Gale Storm passed away at the age of 87. I had never heard of Gale Storm, she was a television star in the fifties. I found her name to be intriguing, both her first and last name is a synonym for stormy weather. The only other women named Storm that I had ever heard of was Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four.
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And Storm of the X-Men.

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The question is, if celebrities die in threes why is this so?