Thursday, April 30, 2009

Halloween Costumes

Tomorrow is May 1, and it’s not too early to start thinking about Halloween. Here is a pretty good site where you can find Halloween Costumes.

Halloween is the one time a year where you can be and dress up as anything you want to be and not worry about it. If I could pick out one costume listed on the site that I could own, I would choose the Superman costume. Truth is, I wouldn’t just wear it for Halloween, and I would wear it under my regular clothes. If I were to happen upon an emergency, I could just go into the nearest phone booth and change.

Department stores don’t always have the coolest costumes. The coolest costumes are found online at places like the one listed above. They have costumes for men and women, and you can find Boys Halloween Costumes as well as Girls Halloween Costumes.

If you want to see something really interesting, check out the Egyptian costumes, as well as the costumes from the 60’s. They accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. There are a variety of shipping services offered. The have a 100% satisfaction policy and you can choose the shipping service that you would like to use. All in all, this is a very interesting site.

Monkey Business

Throughout comic book history, there have been a variety of monkeys featured on covers. Some of them are intriguing, and some are just downright hilarious.

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But if Titano is a bad guy, shouldn't Bizzaro Titano be a good guy? I guess he is since he is doing Bizzaro Superman a favor, but he's killing him? My head hurts.

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Sorry Supes, Titano is imaginary like yourself. Now stop whining about the Kryptonite vision and be happy like Bizzaro Superman.

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It wasn't me! A guy broke in here and I was going after him! (Wouldn't a talking gorilla be more valuable than a stolen formula?)

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I don't know what's funnier. A gorilla robbing and armored car, or a guy wearing a green turban with matching green pantyhose rushing out to fight it?

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Of course, Thunda is not to be confused with Tarzan. Thunda has a bow and arrow, which makes him a completely different character, see?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Web Hosting Geeks

As most of you have already figured out, I love to write. The economic crisis has given me an unprecedented opportunity to pursue my dream of writing for a living. Thus far, I haven’t made enough to make a living from it, but each day brings me a little closer to that goal. I have enjoyed writing blog posts about products, and some search engine optimization articles for online companies. I take each writing assignment as a personal challenge to write something interesting, informative, and sometimes funny.

Lately, I have been thinking about starting my own website to solicit my writing skills. The problem is that while my writing skills are okay, I have no idea how to build a website. Should I have a forum? Do I need a shopping Cart? What kind of graphics should I use, and how do I post them on the site? If only there was a team of Web Hosting Geeks that could help me find the right server for my website, all my worries would end.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that there is a team of web hosting geeks that have a ton of information on website hosting. If you browse this site, you will find the web host that is right for you.

Besides the website, they have a blog where you can ask questions. This is a pretty good post here.

Of course, I haven’t decided whether or not to create a site, but if I do I will let you all know about it.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Wonder Woman Vs. Black Lightning

Most of you will remember this post where Wonder Woman flew a plane into the WTC. In this one she is defending it from Black Lightning. This is from the August-September issue of 1976, exactly 25 years before 9-11

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Who sent the black lighting and why? Wonder Woman is calling on Hera for help, Possibly to beat up her little brother Zeus.Looks like I will be picking up a copy of WW #225 when I get a chance.

I remember watching the bulletins from Ground Zero, but at the time I didn't know there was a comic published in 1981 that went by the same name. This cover shows a couple of buildings falling in the background, while the tin woman obliviously sips tea and takes a drag from a cigarette while a gun is pointed to her head. Oh, and there is an invisible man in the background looking on. Bizarre.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Salt Lake City Concrete

A long time ago, when I was just 19 years old, I took a summer job with a concrete contractor. My first job was to re do a poured basement that another company had messed up. The concrete didn’t cure right, and it developed cracks a week after it was poured. Also, some of the areas of the floor were green. The first order of business was to get the bad floor out before we could put the good floor in. We didn’t have jackhammers, so we had to use sledgehammers. As I swung a sledgehammer against the concrete in the following weeks, I bulked up considerably. It was probably some of the hardest work I had ever done in my life.

That is why it’s important to remember that when you are working with concrete, if you don’t do it right the first time you are going to have some very big problems. Salt Lake City Concrete is a company that has been around for over eight years, and they know how to get it done right the first time, every time. If you live in the Salt Lake City area, and you need some concrete work done, check out the website or just give them a call at 1-801-302-0402.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Best Uses of a Checkerboard Pattern in a Comic Book VII

The Best uses theme is back at the garden by popular demand!

Don't listen to him blondie. Never give out your personal information online.

Watch out Veronica! That kid looks shifty.

Hey Arch, I am pretty sure it's agains health code regulations to wear a tanktop in a kitchen.

Silly duck.

That's all I got for today. Until next time, seeya later.

J'onn J'onzz RIP

I have a hobby of looking through thousands of comic book covers for things that seem prophetic for the age we live in. Yes, I know it's a strange hobby, but what the heck?

The most recurring character in my studies is J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter. J'onn first showed up in the 50's, as a backup feature in Detective comics. A scientist had invented a powerful telescope that allowed him to view the surface of Mars. Somehow, the telescope transported J'onn J'onzz to Earth, and the scientist died of a heart attack. The story has now been retconned, the telescope peered through both time and space, to a time when there was life on Mars.

J'onn J'onzz was killed off in the Final Crisis event at DC comics last summer, although comic book death is never final. Don't rush out to buy Final Crisis, it's horrible.

In honor of J'onn J'onzz, here are some covers where he is portrayed.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mr. Rooter

Unless you take Earth Day very seriously and choose to live in a cave, chances are you are going to need the services of a plumber someday within your lifetime. I can’t remember how many times I’ve had to call a plumber, either to fix a leaky drain or unfreeze my pipes.

If you live in Riverside California, chances are you don’t have to deal with leaky pipes too often. However, I believe that pipes can clog in Riverside just as easy as they can in Ohio. When that happens, go to Riverside Plumber. Mr. Rooter has three generations of plumbers waiting to serve you.

You won’t see a lot of flashy pictures and overbearing text at the website, just some good old fashioned text with contact information. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Riverside has been servicing the plumbing needs of Riverside for over 40 years. Think about that for a moment. When Mr. Rooter opened its doors, Lyndon Baines Johnson was president of the United States of America. A loaf of bread cost ten cents, and a tank of gas cost around 25 cents per gallon.

If you live close to Riverside California and you need the services of a good plumber, give Mr. Rooter a call.

Monday, April 20, 2009


I was doing some comic book cover browsing a couple of days ago, and I found a couple of interesting comic book covers. Both these covers had the WTC on them, with the word "apocalypse" printed underneath them.

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This image was taken from Batman Chronicles #21. I don't have the exact date of publication, but it was either in 96 or 97. Here is the full cover.

This is an image taken from Daredevil #227, Febuary, 1986.

The full cover.

Of course, there was no "apocalypse", but it was an apocalypse type event. Interesting that I should find both covers on the same day.

Edit: I apologize about the confusing text next to the images, my regular image host is down and I had to use an alternate of which I am not familiar.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Talk to the Hand

I'm sorry about the lack of quality posts here recently. I would like to say it's because I have been busy, but the truth is I have had a lack of inspiration. That is, until I saw this picture on Yahoo.

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It is actually the embers from a dying star reaching for a gas cloud. It reminded me of a story from a comic book series I had read, entitled Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Three and a half billion years ago, one race had risen above all others. Billions of years before the birth of man, this race had conquered space travel as well as other technological wonders. The chief scientist among them had built a machine that allowed him to peer through time. This scientist was named Krona. (Krona is also the Swedish unit of money.) Krona wanted to use his machine to witness the birth of the universe, but the other scientists warned that this was forbidden, and may cause a catastrophe. In his arrogance, Krona uses the machine to view the beginning of time anyway. He witnesses a giant hand holding a cluster of stars.

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At this point, his machine blew up, and what was one universe became a multiverse. Thousands if nowt millions of alternate universes were created.

There are so many implications to this. What many may take for the hand of god, is a pulsar. Many ancient cultures worshipped the sun as a god, and of course a pulsar is the dying embers of a sun.

Check out Jake's post on the hand at the Blob. That's all I have for now. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Power Steering Parts

There is nothing more important when operating your vehicle than being able to control it. The device that gives you the most control over your vehicle is the steering wheel. When your steering wheel isn’t working properly, you are asking for big trouble when you operate your vehicle.

Those of you who like to do your own work on your vehicles know that it’s great to be able to get power steering rack and power steering parts shipped directly to you. All parts at the linked site are covered under warranty, and they are in stock. Free shipping is included in the price!

(Disclaimer, this has been a paid post for which I will be compensated.)


I wrote earlier today that I found Horus Lord of Light in the 50 cent box at my local comic book shop. I also found "Testament".

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If you like conspiracies and comic books, this one has a little bit of everything! On the cover, that is an RFID chip the man is cutting out of his arm. Set in the not so distant future, RFID chips are implanted in all soldiers, and they are used to track their location in the case they go missing.

The story starts off with the story of Abraham and Isaac, strangely enough. It seems that the voice Abraham mistook for the lord was actually the voice of Moloch, to whom children were sacrificed in biblical times. Moloch tried to trick Abraham into killing Isaac, but the true voice of the lord stayed his hand.

Cut to the near future. A law that has just been passed requires men of draft age to be implanted with RFID chips. Alan, who is a scientist that helped design the chips is required to implant one in his own son. At the last moment he decides to implant it in the family pet instead.

Also in the book, we are treated to a lecture on the "collective consciousness" and the workings of Carl Jung. At the end we see the scheming of a modern day Moloch and a blue skinned goddess named Astarte.

RFID chips have been associated with the Mark of the Beast, of which no man may buy or sell goods without.

Sex Health Information

I remember long, long ago, before the invention of the world wide web had been installed in most homes, there were some very strange myths about sex, such as kissing can cause pregnancy. I also remember hearing a rumor that Aids was started by people having sex with monkeys. Misconceptions like this were common. Sex was a taboo topic, and people were embarrassed to talk about it.

Today, there is a vast amount of information about sex online. Information about protection from sexually transmitted diseases, to the main causes of sexual dysfunctions. The problem is, typing sexual terms into a search engine almost always leads to sites that are pornographic in nature. is not one of these sites. It contains a plethora of information on a variety of sexual subjects, written by experts in the field.

It’s important to not fall into believing sexual myths. A well known athlete once said in an interview after contracting aids that he thought he could tell whether a woman was clean or not simply by looking at her. If he had visited he may have learned the truth about this deadly STD., and taken the proper precautions. (Abstinence is the best precaution.)

The site is easy to navigate, and filled with relevant information that is presented in a classy way.

Horus, Lord of Light

The other day I was browsing through my local comic book dealer’s 50 cent box, and I came across this little gem.
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Back in 1993 writer Alan Moore wrote six issues of “1963” for Image comics. 1963 was a parody of Marvel Comics produced in the year 1963. Horus is portrayed much as Thor was during this era.

It was originally intended for the 1963 characters to time travel to 1993 and meet the gritty, more realistic characters of the modern age. For a variety of reasons, this never happened.

In this particular issue, Horus has an alternate identity of a history professor. When he opens a mystic portal to the "Barge of Ra", a female student follows him and stows away. When Horus discovers her, he is set upon by various evil Egyptian deities, and she must sail the barge through the night.