Monday, April 20, 2009


I was doing some comic book cover browsing a couple of days ago, and I found a couple of interesting comic book covers. Both these covers had the WTC on them, with the word "apocalypse" printed underneath them.

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This image was taken from Batman Chronicles #21. I don't have the exact date of publication, but it was either in 96 or 97. Here is the full cover.

This is an image taken from Daredevil #227, Febuary, 1986.

The full cover.

Of course, there was no "apocalypse", but it was an apocalypse type event. Interesting that I should find both covers on the same day.

Edit: I apologize about the confusing text next to the images, my regular image host is down and I had to use an alternate of which I am not familiar.


aferrismoon said...

Apocalypse means 'to reveal' , from the Greek.
Apocalypse Girl nesting on the Skull and Bones


wise woman said...

That's an amazing find, extra especially in close succession - have been playing a bit with the idea of time - does it really flow forward or did these twin pics travel backwards from 2001.

I hope you are well

Christopher Knowles said...

Wow! Awesome finds!

StrangEye said...

Excellent find!

The left hand of the Devil on the fishy center of the vesica piscis.

WV: ingni

Ed said...

Thanks all!

Jake Kotze said...


Nice ONE.