Thursday, April 2, 2009


I wrote earlier today that I found Horus Lord of Light in the 50 cent box at my local comic book shop. I also found "Testament".

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If you like conspiracies and comic books, this one has a little bit of everything! On the cover, that is an RFID chip the man is cutting out of his arm. Set in the not so distant future, RFID chips are implanted in all soldiers, and they are used to track their location in the case they go missing.

The story starts off with the story of Abraham and Isaac, strangely enough. It seems that the voice Abraham mistook for the lord was actually the voice of Moloch, to whom children were sacrificed in biblical times. Moloch tried to trick Abraham into killing Isaac, but the true voice of the lord stayed his hand.

Cut to the near future. A law that has just been passed requires men of draft age to be implanted with RFID chips. Alan, who is a scientist that helped design the chips is required to implant one in his own son. At the last moment he decides to implant it in the family pet instead.

Also in the book, we are treated to a lecture on the "collective consciousness" and the workings of Carl Jung. At the end we see the scheming of a modern day Moloch and a blue skinned goddess named Astarte.

RFID chips have been associated with the Mark of the Beast, of which no man may buy or sell goods without.


Michael Skaggs said...


Wow man, with Grant Morrison's name on the cover too! Would not surprise me if the soldiers now already have the RFID chips in them without their knowledge through all those vaccines they receive. They can make them smaller and smaller now.

Hmmm blue skinned goddess, makes me think of the movies The 5th Element and Immortal. The biblical stuff, well, of course there has to be good & evil to make a compelling story right?

Well done.
Be well Ed!

OMG the vord verify is dinguis! LOL

Ed said...


It's good to see you. I've been kind of lax on keeping up with my blog reading, I have some catching up to do.