Monday, April 27, 2009

Wonder Woman Vs. Black Lightning

Most of you will remember this post where Wonder Woman flew a plane into the WTC. In this one she is defending it from Black Lightning. This is from the August-September issue of 1976, exactly 25 years before 9-11

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Who sent the black lighting and why? Wonder Woman is calling on Hera for help, Possibly to beat up her little brother Zeus.Looks like I will be picking up a copy of WW #225 when I get a chance.

I remember watching the bulletins from Ground Zero, but at the time I didn't know there was a comic published in 1981 that went by the same name. This cover shows a couple of buildings falling in the background, while the tin woman obliviously sips tea and takes a drag from a cigarette while a gun is pointed to her head. Oh, and there is an invisible man in the background looking on. Bizarre.

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wise woman said...

Wow what finds!

The Tin Woman reminded me muchly of Angelina Jolie in Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow.

Here's a page on thunderbolt gods if you haven't seen it already


aferrismoon said...

I see BLs name = jefferson PIERCE. not only presidential but also 'piercing' as his bolts seem to do.
I noticed then the names of his daughters - one of them has the same name as my brother's wife [ before she married]


Ed said...

Hello Wise Woman

I just realized that you have the same first initial and last name as Woner Woman. ;) I haven't seen Sky Captain and the world of Tomorrow yet.


I'm glad you picked up on my tip of the hat to the Black Lightning character. I thought about mentioning him in this post, but I held back. Jefferson Pierce is a great character. It's interesting he is named after two American Presidents, the latter one an indirect ancestor of GW.