Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Best Uses of the Grim Reaper in a Comic Book

October is here, so it's time for some scary stuff.

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It looks like "Iron Man II" might not happen.

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Lou, why on Earth would you play poker with death? Everyone knows he cheats.

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Not the guy with the sickle, but the female version of the angel of death.

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I don't know Terry, he is kind of skinny. Just don't let him take off his gloves and touch you with his cold fingers, and you just might win this one.

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This one is from 1996, the eleventh issue of Raven Chronicles. The sun is setting on two towers while death lays in the sands. In the bottom left hand corner of the comic is the words "New Worlds". Kind of gave me a chill.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Statue of Liberty in Reality and Fiction

In order to understand the present, and possible future, we must look to the past. Excerpts from this article are taken from the New York Times, July 31 1916.

Ellis Island Like War-Swept Town; Damage Estimated at $75,000; Only Six of 607 Persons at Bureau Receive Injuries ;- Immigrants Taken to Battery Till Danger Is Past ;- Hospital Roof Caves In. ELLIS ISLAND LIKE WAR-SWEPT TOWN

Visitors landing at the Immigration Station on Ellis Island yesterday afternoon might easily have imagined they were on the track of the great war and entering a town that had been besieged for several days. The main building on the right and the general hospital on left of the ferry slip had every window shattered, and in many cases the frames also had disappeared.

This was caused by an explosion on Black Tom island, a weapons depot at the time. Black Tom island is close to Ellis Island.

The only living thing that was hit by the thousands of shrapnel bullets which struck the buildings was Toto, a little black kitten, known all over the island as Chief Clerk Sherman's office pet. After the excitment was over Toto was found with a bullet wound in one of his hind legs, and a surgeon dressed the injured member, much to the relief of the animal.

I'll get you my pretty, and your little kitty too!!!

The only living thing on the wreck-strewn shore of no. 3 island was a rabbit owned by one of the nurses in the hospital, which had dashed out of the building after being smothered with molasses from a can upset by the effect of the explosion, and refused to be comforted.

Maybe the rabbit put it's head in the wrong hole.

Although it is generally believed to be the work of German terrorists, the case remains unsolved. This was before America entered the first world war.

Two of the guards who had lit the smudge pots were immediately arrested. However, it soon became clear that the blast had not been an accident. It was traced to a Slovak immigrant named Michael Kristoff (probably a stolen identity), who had served in the U.S. Army, but admitted to carrying suitcases for the Germans before America entered World War I.

The Statue of Liberty was damaged by shrapnel, and the torch remains closed to visitors to this day. I wonder why it has never been re-opened after 92 years?

According to the FBI, the Statue was threatened by terrorists in 1965.

The Statue of Liberty had previously been threatened by terrorism, according to the FBI. On February 18, 1965, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced it had uncovered a plot by three commandos from the Black Liberation Front, who were allegedly connected to Cuba, and a female co-conspirator from Montreal connected with the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ), seeking independence for Quebec from Canada, who were sent to destroy the statue and at least two other national monuments — the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia and the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C.

Who could forget the final scene of Planet of the Apes, where Charlton Heston realizes he was on Earth all along after he finds the Statue of Liberty half sunken in sand?

"You maniacs! You blew it up! God Damn you! God Damn you all to Hell!"

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Promo ad for D.C.'s Countdown to Final Crisis, 2007.

At the end of this trailer for the film "Cloverfield", The head of the Statue of Liberty is seen rolling down the street.

In Dreamworks Madagascar, Alex the lion builds a replica of the Statue, only to see it destroyed by fire.

There are more. On the Discovery channel's "World Without Humans", they show the statue rusting away and falling apart a couple of hundred years after humans leave the Earth.(clip not available)

So why is the media fascinated with the destruction of the Statue?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Best Uses of a Flying Building in a Comic Book

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Superdickery is right. Superman is a dick.

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Uh, Supergirl? Couldn't you just break the ropes holding you? I mean, you are Supergirl, right?

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Am I crazy or does the face of the Martian in question resemble the great stone face of Mars? This comic is from 1962 and the famous pic was released in 1976. The Secret Sun posted an amazing Mars face sync awhile back.

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Their rates are high. Anyway, after failing to heist their own bank, a group of bankers conspired together to make bad business decisions in order to make millions of dollars. When the bank crashed back to Earth they got the tax payers to foot the bill, and against their will even! It was the perfect crime.

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First the Martians, now the Saturnians, where will it end?

WTC on Comic Book Covers

All of the following covers are pre-911.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Best uses of an Egyptian God/Goddess in a Comic Book

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Don't Worry Isis! I'll unlock that gag and you will be able to tell me what's up.

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Here, Bastet stands in front of a stargate. Bastet was the goddess of the sun and war, so it makes sense she would appear during a time of a "Stargate Rebellion".

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Here Set is about to devour two unlucky archaeologists who have disturbed the tomb of Osiris(green glow in coffin). Set is the god who poked out Horus's other eye, thus giving him a displeasant attitude. He also killed Horus's father Osiris before Horus was even born. (Huh?) It kind of explains why he would have an interest in seeing that Osiris's rest is not disturbed.

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The mummified body of Horus, you can tell by the one eye. The original Blue Beetle derived his power from an ancient Egyptian Scarab.

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Blue Beetle Vs. The Eye of Horus. The Eye is out to enslave the world. It is green, as the father of Horus had green skin. It's a wonder how the hero of ancient Egypt has become the scourge of the modern world.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Eagle Eye

Znewz1 found this fascinating bit of information. If you go to the LA Times homepage, this is what pops up for a split second.


It's an advertisement for a movie, but when it appears on the homepage of a major newspaper for 2 seconds the disapears, it gives the surfer the impression that the country is about to go on red alert, and that the press was about to release the story before the story got pulled. Shame on the LA Times for allowing such a terror invoking ad to run on it's website.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Flu Shots for Everyone!

Article from the Denver Post: Flu Vaccine Plentiful This Fall

Read the article and come back. It's ok, I'll wait on you.

You're back? Great! The Center for Disease Control recommends flu shots for 86% of the population. They are even recommending children 8 and younger get TWO shots!

But Ed, aren't they just wanting to protect everyone from the Flu?

Last season, flu killed 86 children.

The flu shot is not free, it costs anywhere from 12 to 25 dollars depending on where you get it. I don't know what the profit is per shot, but let's use an arbitrary number like $5. If all 145,000,000 doses are sold, it would mean a profit of 725,000,000, which is a very conservative estimate.

Any time a child dies it is a tragedy, but lets put this in perspective. 9.2 million children died in 2007 world wide due to various causes. One in one hundred and fifty children in the U.S. have autism.

Thimerosal, the Mercury based preservative that is widely believed by some to be the culprit behind the autism epidemic is still in most flu shots. Thimerosal was (suposedly) removed from all vaccines in 2003. It is still in the vaccines, but only in trace amounts. The flu vaccine was the exception. I don't know why they didn't remove it from the flu vaccine, but my guess would be that it comes down to money.

So what is the best way to get people to do what you want? To scare the shit out of them of course!

From the Denver Post article

Over the past decade, flu seasons have been sporadically marred by shortages or excesses of vaccine and, in the case of last year, relatively poor protection against the strains of influenza causing illness.

None of those problems is anticipated this year, said Julie Gerberding, the CDC's director.

"I have a smile on my face this year because we are looking at a wonderful supply of flu vaccine," she said.

Thanks Julie. But didn't you recently admit Thimerosal can cause autism?

(Note, I didn't make this video, but the information in it is good.)

So if she knows Thimerosal can trigger autism, why is she smiling about the abundance of flu shots? This behaviour is morally reprehensible and possibly criminal.

For those who think after reading this still think they need a flu shot, be aware you can ask for a non-Thimerosal shot. If the nurse doesn't know what that means, ask to see the insert box.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Don't Start The Revolution Without Me: Review

Yes, I read a lot of comic books but sometimes I do read regular books. The latest one is Jesse Ventura's "Don't Start the Revolution Without Me."

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I was expecting Jesse to lay out why we need a revolution (political), and why the time for one is now. What I got was memories of his time as governor of Minnesota, what he has been up to since then, and why the Baja of Mexico is a beautiful place. Even so, it's not bad. Jesse has a way of communicating with the people by using what most politicians lack, which is straight talk, and it comes across in his writing. Even on the issues I disagree with him on, after reading his book I understand why he takes the positions he does.

On the talk show circuit, a big deal was made about Jesse coming out on not believing the official story on 911. Surprisingly it's not one of the main themes in the book. He does talk about the Gulf of Tonkin incident, (Which is now admitted to as a sham), and the Kennedy assassination.

It was interesting to read about his meetings with other famous people like Muhammad Ali and Fidel Castro. I was surprised to read that he is good friends with Al Gore and that he supports a global warming tax.

He touches upon his dislike of the media, mostly due to the character assassination that was done on his son, who is now a personal assistant to actor Sean Penn. It was his son that got him to question the official story of 911, which makes me wonder if Penn is also a 911 truther. He also leaves no doubt on how he feels about the destruction of our civil liberties.

Just when I was wondering how he was going to end it, Jesse gives us an alternate universe ending! An incredible fictional 2008 run for the presidency. I won't spoil the surprise ending, but it's a shocker.

All in all, it was a good read.

Best Use of Global Warming in a Comic Book

What's up with global warming? Is it real? Is it man made? If it is propaganda, who came up with it and why? Let's see what the comics say.

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If global warming was this bad in the forties when this comic was published, you can imagine how bad it is now!

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Central city is suffering not one, but TWO heat waves! And at the same time even!

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Ever notice that the room temperature drops when a ghost enters? Now you know why! It's because of global warming!

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Is the spawn of Satan responsible for global warming? I would think so, but he looks so cute! The true source of global warming and what is behind it is revealed in this next cover.

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It was the rich elite all along! Nice Warner logo bedspread btw, and when did money ever have a black and white checkerboard pattern on it? Can you find the hidden pyramid?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Best Uses of an Egyptian Mummy/Tomb in a Comic Book

I was going to try to hold off posting "best uses" for a bit, but it's so fun I can't help myself.

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She's awake alright, and that bitch is pissed.

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Monster in my pocket? LOL!

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Mummy- "I've been asleep for 5000 years and all there is to eat is Big Boy?"

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"Oh Isis my love, lets rule the world together! The blond chick in the yellow dress is just my tour guide, swear!"

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I'll tell ya, it takes huge iron balls to go into the Pharoah's tomb!

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Savage Attack

I touched upon this comic briefly in a previous post. After taking a second look I found it deserving of a longer post.

Justice League Task Force #19 Jan 1995

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On the cover the villain Vandal Savage is encased in a puzzle. In the bar code (it's on the one I own as well as the cover posted) is 911. Vandal Savage shares a last name with Michael Savage, a radio talk show host who recently cause a controversy by claiming that autism was a sham. The resemblance to Vandal Savage is uncanny.

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Vandal Savage was not created to resemble Michael Savage. Vandal made his first appearance in Green Lantern #10, Winter 1943. Michael Savage was born March 31 1942.

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I posted about Michael Savage's outrageous comments here.

What struck me about the cover besides Vandal's resemblance to Micheal was the use of the puzzle. The puzzle has since become a symbol used by various autism support groups.

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On page 2 of the comic, we see this image.

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The Martian Manhunter, L-ron-Despero, and Vandal Savage are looking at a bombed out smoking skyscraper across the water. I found the image to be an eerie resemblance to this.

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The plot of the comic is that someone is killing Vandal Savage's descendants (he is an immortal). Vandal Savage goes to the Justice league for help in finding the killer, but they discover Savage has been using his descendants for organ transplants when one of his organs go bad. A shadowy secret group that uses the symbol of the hourglass are the ones behind the whole scheme.

Let's take a look at his wiki page.

Savage's first mark in the "history" of the DC Universe came when he and a select group of people successfully undermined and destroyed the lost city of Atlantis. That group of people became known as the Illuminati, with Savage serving as its leader, then and ever since.

Vandal Savage is the leader of the Illuminati in the DC universe! Unreal.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Best Uses of a Checkerboard Pattern in a Comic Book V

I could search for a hundred years and still not find all the comics in which this pattern has appeared. I once tried to count how many times it appeared on my television in a day, and I had to stop counting.

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I don't think I've ever seen a library with that type of floor before.

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Hedy liked the pattern in the library so well, she had it put in her living room. I would have gone for carpet myself.

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Why couldn't Veronica's dad just call Archie's parents you ask? Because the rich elite delight in their petty tortures, that's why.

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Ok, I know the grand chessboard is what the pattern is supposed to stem from, but isn't the Knights Templar symbolism a little heavy?

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Did they really use to put these things on rockets?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Best uses of a Skull in a Comic Book

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That's one island I don't want to go near.

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Funny how the word "nemesis" is located directly over the Grim Reaper.

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The minimum wage for sin is death. Hopefully, I'll be able to make more than that.

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If Dennis breaks that bottle won't he get poison all over himself?

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Crap! I shaved too close again!