Thursday, September 25, 2008

Flu Shots for Everyone!

Article from the Denver Post: Flu Vaccine Plentiful This Fall

Read the article and come back. It's ok, I'll wait on you.

You're back? Great! The Center for Disease Control recommends flu shots for 86% of the population. They are even recommending children 8 and younger get TWO shots!

But Ed, aren't they just wanting to protect everyone from the Flu?

Last season, flu killed 86 children.

The flu shot is not free, it costs anywhere from 12 to 25 dollars depending on where you get it. I don't know what the profit is per shot, but let's use an arbitrary number like $5. If all 145,000,000 doses are sold, it would mean a profit of 725,000,000, which is a very conservative estimate.

Any time a child dies it is a tragedy, but lets put this in perspective. 9.2 million children died in 2007 world wide due to various causes. One in one hundred and fifty children in the U.S. have autism.

Thimerosal, the Mercury based preservative that is widely believed by some to be the culprit behind the autism epidemic is still in most flu shots. Thimerosal was (suposedly) removed from all vaccines in 2003. It is still in the vaccines, but only in trace amounts. The flu vaccine was the exception. I don't know why they didn't remove it from the flu vaccine, but my guess would be that it comes down to money.

So what is the best way to get people to do what you want? To scare the shit out of them of course!

From the Denver Post article

Over the past decade, flu seasons have been sporadically marred by shortages or excesses of vaccine and, in the case of last year, relatively poor protection against the strains of influenza causing illness.

None of those problems is anticipated this year, said Julie Gerberding, the CDC's director.

"I have a smile on my face this year because we are looking at a wonderful supply of flu vaccine," she said.

Thanks Julie. But didn't you recently admit Thimerosal can cause autism?

(Note, I didn't make this video, but the information in it is good.)

So if she knows Thimerosal can trigger autism, why is she smiling about the abundance of flu shots? This behaviour is morally reprehensible and possibly criminal.

For those who think after reading this still think they need a flu shot, be aware you can ask for a non-Thimerosal shot. If the nurse doesn't know what that means, ask to see the insert box.


wise woman said...

Two winters ago some bastards sold my boss the idea of 'providing' flu shouts for the employees. I was horrified. I printed out info from the internet & did my damndest to inform - I got through to a few, but was simply amazed at how many couldn't or wouldn't see.
I just don't bother with the 'sleepers' anymore, they don't want to wake but they're happy to squander your energy in point scoring arguments. Having said that when they hold the health or welfare of innocents (like children) in their hands I stay alert for the slighest hint of wakefulness to slot in suggestions - but man it's hard work.

Ed said...

Hello Wise Woman. They did the same place at my former place of employment, only one guy from my dept went. I told him about the mercury in the flu shot,and he said he would ask for a thimerosal free shot. I told him they would not have one available, and although aldults normally don't contract autism, they do get Alzhiemers later in life. He ended up taking the shot. You can't help everyone, but there were probably people who didn't get the shot because of my warning, there is no way of telling. Is there a lot of Autism in New Zealand?

wise woman said...

I didn't know so had a look online - approx one in a hundred either has aspergers or autism.

A couple of years ago here they brought out a vaccination for meningitis - 3 shots in all - free to everyone under 20 - I was so angry about that - apparently a Scandinavian country had looked at & rejected it. Also it was only for one form of it & not complete protection - so what was that really all about. I had to sign a form to stop my son from having it.

I am sorry for you that your son has autism, but good on you for spreading the word.