Sunday, November 30, 2008

Black Friday Hunter's Package

Deer hunting season is almost upon us, and Nikon BDC Slam Hunter's Package is running a "Black Friday" deal that goes until Dec 1, which is tomorrow. For this limited time, you can get $444.85 worth of hunting gear for $299.95, which is a savings of $144.90.

I am not a hunter myself, but last night when I was driving home I almost hit a deer. I found myself thinking that hunting is a good way to reduce traffic accidents, becase it keeps the deer numbers under control.

This deal runs through tomorrow, or while supplies last, and if they go out of stock the deal is over.

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Despero, why don't You come to your Senses?

Justice League of America second series #38-40, published May-July 1990, pits the Justice League against their old enemy Despero. Despero is an alien tyrant with three eyes, the third one forming the top of a pyramid, which represents higher consciousness.

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On this cover you can see him slaying the Osiris resonating Martian Manhunter, while sporting the in fashion U.N. flag as a cape, amid the falling debris of New York City.

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On the cover of issue #40, we have the fallen angel in the center of the comic book, while the heroes walk to the gates of the cemetery. Mister Miracle, Jack Kirby creation, and the "world's greatest escape artist" dies in this issue. (Don't worry, comic book death is never final.) Of course everyone knows the fallen angel represents Lucifer, or the devil.

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When we look at the comic upside down, it's very easy to see a chalice. There are stars on it's stalk, and the gate forms a design on it's upper rim. This represents the Holy Grail.

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On the splash page, we see the title of this story, which is "Hell on Earth". The first and last letter of this story is H. See the Blob for more on on the significance of the double H. Despero is Holding the Blue Beetle by the throat, while fire, also known as the Green Flame, looks on. In ancient Egypt, the Beetle, better known as the Scarab, was a sign of royalty.

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Here, we see the WTC being destroyed 11 years before the actual event, as the U.N. Flag wearing Despero destroys the Earth.

Hear me people of Earth! What I do now, I do for hates sake! For I learned at an early age that hate is the only power in the chaotic universe! The one true beloved who will never abandon or betray you! Embrace hate and you will be free of torment! Free of pain! Free of life itself! Hear me people of Earth: In the name of hate I bless you. In the name of hate, I destroy you.
Don't be to alarmed, it is revealed it was all a dream sequence.

Those of you reading this who are not familiar with synchromysticism might be wondering what this means. There are various conspiracies surrounding the events of 9-11. One of the most prevalent is that the attacks were perpetrated by individuals wishing to push a "New World Order." The symbol for the New World Order is an eye at the top of a pyramid, and in this comic we see an alien with three eyes destroy the WTC while wearing the U.N. flag. (In conspiracy circles, it is generally believed that the U.N. is part of a plot to form a new world order.)

I've noticed recently that the back covers of comic books often have a synchro message that goes along with the main story.

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On the back cover, we have an ad for a video game.

Terrorists Go Nuke. Aliens Master Military Minds. If the world ends tomorrow, it's all your fault. Konami and Ultra are putting you under the gun by giving you the power and strength to save mankind from certain extinction. In Super C and Snakes Revenge, tow new mega-hit mega-wars, you'll be bombed, blasted, and befuddled by the vile alien Red Falcon and the world's premier madman, higharolla Kockamarnie. From the onset of these onslaughts, they'll fight you tooth and claw with thousands of planet blistering weapons. And if your rocket launchers, flame throwers, laser guns and supreme wits fail to overcome multiple levels of mass destruction, civilization will cease to exist. And you'll have no one to blame but yourself.

In the days following the 9-11 attacks, a case was made for war with Iraq, because they had weapons of mass destruction.Those who wanted the war induced mass fear, and those who opposed the war were accused of enabling terrorists. It's interesting that one of the villains is named "Red Falcon". Horus, who's eye is atop the pyramid is depicted as having a falcon's head. As far as the aliens go, The Secret Sun has done some amazing work in that department lately.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

New prescription eyeglasses from eight dollars!

I’ve found a company that sells new prescription eyeglasses from 8 dollars! Recently, I had to purchase a set of eyeglasses for my wife. Even though we had insurance, they covered only $40 dollars of a $220 dollar bill, which really put us back a couple of weeks. Now I know with all the options available to us, we will never pay high prices for prescription eyeglasses again.

The Chicago Tribune recently ran an article entitled “Price ranges for eyeglasses prove real eye opener.”, which discusses how it’s safe to buy prescription eyeglasses over the internet, and how internet companies are able to sell them so cheap.

One such company is Zenni Optical. They can afford to sell the eyeglasses so low because they ship them directly to the customer, and they don’t have a huge advertising budget. When you buy any product from a store, the store will mark up the price in order to make money, but when you buy direct from the manufacturer, you eliminate the middle man!

You might be thinking “Yes, but they are only going to have one type of frame.” You can put these fears to rest, there are many different types of frames to choose from. So the next time you need prescription eyeglasses, do yourself a favor and check them out.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thor of Ancient Egypt

The other day, a comic caught my eye as I was browsing a magazine rack. It was Thor #1. I guess they are relaunching the series, which is something comic book companies do every couple of years to drive up sales.

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Thor, a god of Norse mythology, is in an Egyptian tomb. It looked interesting enough. And in the very least, I thought we might get the backstory on why Thor has the Egyptian symbol for Ka on his belt. (The Mercury Helmet is for another story).

The story starts out with two archaeologists in modern day Egypt discussing the riddle of the Spinx.
The Spinx is believed to be about 5000 years old, but water erosion on the Spinx makes this impossible.

So, if the erosion was caused by water, the Sphinx must have been carved before Egypt was under water i.e. more than 12,000 years ago. This, in turn, is too radical for scholars to swallow, as they prefer not to change their theory that Khafra (Chephren) built the Sphinx. As a result, those unfamiliar with scientific principles, suggested that the ground water, and not direct flooding, caused such erosion.

Twelve thousand years old! this would make the Spinx the only major surviving artifact from the last age. Ok, now back to the Comic.

Thor and his band of warriors are fighting Nedra, queen of the frost giants. After her defeat and capture, they discover a stargate to Earth, which the clumsy "god" Volstaag falls through. Thor and his friends enter the portal to retrieve him, and arrive in ancient Egypt. Even though they are "gods", they don't understand the language of the natives.

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The Norse gods "recognize' the Egyptian gods. This makes me wonder how? Do they have god conventions or something? "Hey look! There's Zeus talking to Osiris by the punchbowl! I'm going to go over and say hi."

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Here we see the Spinx was originally a Griffin. It turns out the griffin is the pet of the evil Pharaoh. Thor defeats the Pharaoh and his griffin, and then brings rain to the desert land of Egypt, causing the statue of the Spinx to be damaged by water erosion, and thus the mystery is solved. LOL!

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Erosion on stone is a process that takes thousands of years. I guess the thunder god's storm was so powerful, it caused it in one day. Also, Thor talks about the Heliopolitan gods leaving, but where did they go? Probably to the convention. That would explain why there is a minotaur on the back cover.

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Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Turbocharge your Audi or Volkswagon

If you own an Audi, Volkswagon, or any other vehicle, you might want to consider putting on a turbo charger. What a turbocharger is, is a system that uses the exaust from the enigine manifold to power a turbine that increases your air intake. The benefit to you is, more air means more gas, which increases the size of the explosion in your engine. (Your engine is actually powered by a series of explosions when fuel hits your spark plugs) This increases the amount of horsepower your engine can produce. So, if you would like an audi turbocharger, click the link and check them out.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Superman Retires!

I was watching Rocky III tonight, and and strangely enough it synched with Jen's post on Tekal. This web cartoon syncs the famous scene where Mr. T Calls out Rocky at a press conference. Theres something about Burgess Meredeth's voice coming out of Hawkman that sends me into a fit of uncontrollable laughter. Hat's off to whoever made this video.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Prescription Eyeglasses for $15!

I wear prescription eyeglasses, and my wife does as well. About a year and a half ago, her sight took a turn for the worse, so we went to the optometrist and had her eyesight tested. She needed a new pair of glasses, so we looked at some frames. It turns out, our insurance only covered $40 dollars of a $220 dollar pair of glasses! I was paying $240 per month on insurance, so you can understand why I was upset. They had me over a barrel, so I forked over the money and skipped lunch for that week. And the whole thing was pointless, because I could have went to and purchased a pair of glasses for $15 dollars! Total! Yes, they were used, but who cares? If they look good, cost only 15 bucks, and help your eyesight, what does it matter?
Not all the glasses there are $15 dollars. I did see a pair for $59 dollars, which is still a fraction of $220. There are a variety of frames to choose from, so there is no need to worry about that. those of you reading this might ask, “Ed, would you use this site yourself to purchase glasses?” If I needed them, and they were only $15 bucks, you better believe I would!

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Automaker Bailout Denied

The big three American automakers went to the tax payers with their hands out, and they were sent away empty handed.

I believe in the free market, which means I don't think we should subsidize millionaires, but yet.....

I used to work for the largest Ford Auto dealer in the United States. My Sales director met with the head of Ford, and he came back with this story which I will now share with all of you. (I don't remember it exactly, so I will paraphrase.)

An ad man for a large national newspaper met with the head of Ford, trying to get his advertising business. The head of Ford (I don't remember his name) said "I would like to buy some advertising from you, but let me show you something." He then pulled out a copy of the ad person's newspaper and pointed to a section on the front page about a 50,000 vehicle Ford part recall.

The ad man then said "Yea, so?"

The head of Ford then turned to page thirty of the paper which mentioned a million vehicle Toyota part recall. "You do something about this, then I will buy some advertising from you."

"But that's not my department! I'm in advertising, That's different!"

"Not to me it's not."

There has been a media bias against American made vehicles for many years now, and the chickens are coming home to roost. I know it's not all the media's fault, but it certainly didn't help.

If I was a 'conspiracy theorist", I would say it's part of a plot to crash America's economy.

L.A. Police Gear

LA Police gear is a company that sells Benchmade Knives, as well as various other types of gear online.

When I was in the army national guard, I used to carry a knife of the type they are selling. It came in handy when I had to untie canvas that was knotted beyond repair. The binoculars they have on sale work very well, and the tactical pants have various pockets where you can put stuff. (They called them cargo pants in my day.)They don't sell firearms, but they do have a large variety of holsters for them.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Marvel Two in One #100, WTC Ruins Taken Over by Red Skull

One day, not so long ago, before I had tilled the ground for the Garden you are now standing in, I was browsing some youtube videos when I discovered Jake Kotze's work. the first set of his videos I watched was the Comic Book Cycle. In one of these videos, he mentioned Marvel Two in One #100, there was a panel that showed a bombed out WTC with a Nazi flag flying over it. I knew I owned this comic, so I dug through my collection and found it. Re-reading it jogged my memory that it was a sequel to Marvel Two in One #50, published in 1979.

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In this issue, Mr. Fantastic Reed Richards develops a serum that he gives to the Thing, hoping that it will transform him back into the human Ben Grimm. The serum fails, and Reed surmises that the Thing's cosmic altered metabolism is to far advanced for the serum to have any effect. So the Thing gets the idea to travel to the past and give the serum to an earlier version of himself, hoping that it will save him the years of anguish of being a rocky hided monster. When the Thing travels to the past and finds himself, his earlier version attacks him, but by the end of the comic he takes the serum and is cured. The present day thing remains the same, and Reed Richards guesses this is because the Thing created an alternate reality by changing the past. Now on to part two.

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The cover shows the Thing and his alternate version Ben Grimm standing in the ruins of New York City, a scene eerily reminiscent of the collapse of the twin towers. This comic has a cover date of June, 1983. It starts with Reed telling the Thing that when he travelled to the past, he didn't create an alternate reality, because it was already an alternate reality to begin with. He theorized that when one time travels, he is "pushed" into an alternate timeline so he cannot effect his own present, thus preventing a paradox. Reed has a machine that lets them look into this alternate reality, and they see the Earth is in ruins. The New York of this reality is called "New Amsterdam". Feeling that he may have caused this disaster, the Thing uses the time machine to travel to it, setting the date for March 23, 1983. he quickly meets up with Ben Grimm, who tells him the Earth is in ruins because of an attack by Galactus. The survivors tried to rebuild, but they were beset by the villainous Red Skull. The Red Skull then sends his androids to attack and kidnap the Thing, and Ben goes to rescue him with a ragtag band of survivors. They track the Red Skull to his headquarters, a bombed out WTC complete with a Nazi flag flying from the ruins.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ben and his buddies are able to sneak past the guards, and they find American soldiers rounding up citizens for termination, under the Nazi flag.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Those are some pretty disturbing images. Of course the Red Skull is defeated, and the Thing returns to his own reality.It is after all, a comic book.

The comic wouldn't be complete without the obligatory reference to ancient Egypt, and we get that on the back cover.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's interesting that the title of the comic is "Marvel Two in One", and it displays the two towers that were destroyed in one attack. I originally posted the panel of the towers at the Prison Planet forum, in the comic book thread. I was surprised to see this one cover scan show up at Rense., in a story by Michael Godspeed.

A Google search of the words - 9/11 coincidences in comics (unquoted) - reveals over 76,000 hits. A video presentation on some of these connections (link at bottom of paragraph) features some interesting items, including an image from the Marvel Two in One #100 from June 1983. (Note: I have not seen this before, and do not personally own any comics, so I cannot verify its authenticity. I'm presenting it here as an item of potential interest). According to descriptions of this issue, the Thing is captured by the Red Skull, who has set up headquarters in a bombed out WTC. Notice the chilling images and captions below:

Michael, If you're reading this, I can assure you it's authentic, I'm holding it in my hands.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Collision Repair Experts

As some of you may know, I've worked in the automotive industry for ten years. During that time, I would get many requests from customers on where to get body work done on their car after an accident. (If you sell 100 cars a year, it's going to happen to a couple of them). I wish I had known about this auto body website at the time.

Collision Repair Experts is a network consisting of only the top collision centers in the United States. You have to have a 95% customer satisfaction approval rating in order to be considered for the network. A 95% customer satisfaction approval rating is phenomenal no matter what business you are in, and it's even harder to achieve if you are in the business of restoring a car after a collision. I put in my zip code in the box provided at the website, and in an instant 5 network members popped up on my screen, complete with addresses and phone numbers. Beside the addresses were testimonials from satisfied customers. So if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing collision repair work, remember this site.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

When I was a kid back in the long, long ago, I enjoyed the popular series of "Choose Your Own Adventure" books. I was in the library today, and I spied a couple of them, so I checked them out. The one I want to talk about is "Escape", by R.A. Montgomery, published in 1983.

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The year is 2045 and despite your young age, you are returning from a secret spy mission to Dorado, the repressive police state that now occupies New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. You and your group must make it safely back home to Turtalia in the north. You have succeeded in acquiring secret plans for the Doradan invasion of Turtalia. Getting this information into the hands of Turtalian leaders will save thousands of lives. But the journe north to the city known as Denver is long and treacherous. And it's difficult to know who you can trust to help get you there...

The headquarters of the free world is Denver. I've never been to Denver, but it and Colorado in general seems to pop up all over popular culture.

Mork from the planet Ork, complete with a silver upside down pyramid on his spacesuite, lands his egg in Boulder Colorado.

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The Stephen King novel "The Shinning" takes place at a Colorado Hotel. The young poy in the novel is a psychic, and the hotel it takes place in is full of evil spirits.

In Stephen King's book "The Stand", 95% of the world's population has been killed by a super flu, and survivors gather into two camps. The forces for good gather in Boulder Colorado, while the forces of evil gather in Las Vegas Nevada.

In a post nuclear war torn America, the town of Jercho Kansas, just East of Denver Colorado, fights to survive. (I have refused to watch this "program", but I have heard about it.)

So, why does most stories of post apacalyptic America take place in Colorado, home to human looking aliens from the planed Ork, as well as a creepy motel full of demonic ghosts? It gets weirder.

Gilligan, played by Bob Denver, becomes stranded on an island after being submerged by Aquarius. Denver is now on an Island, complete with a scientist, movie star, and a couple of millionaires.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The above stone is located at the Denver International Airport. Notice at the bottom it says "New World Airport Comission". Eh? I thought they stopped calling America the "new world" about three hundred years ago. The rest of the airport has strange murials of dead babies and kids beating swords into plowshares. It's like some kind of sick nightmare, and there is no good reason for it being in a public airport. If you are unfamiliar with Denver International Airport, check it out here.

I read somewhere, I don't have a link, that there was going to be a synchromystic convention, to be held in......Denver! It kind of freaked me out.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't think the citizens of Denver, or Colorado are evil or anything, but Denver seems to be synching ss some kind of headquarters for a post apocalyptic America.

I leave you now with a couple of my favorite Denvers.

When Uncle Jesse, played by Denver Pyle, would talk to the "Duke" boys one the CB radio, he refered to himself as the shepperd calling for his "lost sheep".

John Denver, who met god in the film "Oh God", performing "Rocky Mountain High".

(note, my spell checker doesn't appear to be functioning, so please forgive any errors.)

Monday, November 10, 2008

No Good Reason

This post from Ben Jones @ HPANWO really made me think, and if you haven't read it yet, check it out.

It got me thinking about Veterans day tomorrow, and how I've said privately to my wife "They're sending those boys to fight in Iraq for no good reason." I realized tonight I was only part right.

Iraq is a sovereign country that never attacked the United States, and we invaded and occupied it anyway. I've talked to a few people here who are like parrots who repeat what they hear on the television without stopping to think about what it means. "They are fighting for freedom."

My response would be "So if we win the war in Iraq, America will finally be free?" To which I would get a stare akin to a deer caught in a truck's high beam headlights.

"Support the troops!"

To which I would say "Does supporting the troops mean sending them to a war for no good reason without the proper equipment, then not providing them with the proper medical attention and educational benefits when they come home?" Then they would either tell me how Iraq attacked America on 9-11, or they would just walk away, not wanting to think about the truth, because if they did, they might find something they don't like.

While it's true they were sent for no good reason, something good may come from their efforts. The Bush administration's bizarre action of attacking Iraq and using 9-11 as an excuse opened the eyes of many people. When the "opposition" party Democrats were voted into congress, and they refused to end the war, it opened more eyes up to the fake left right paradigm.

I remember when I was in the matrix, it wasn't easy waking up and realizing that a lot of the things I believed in was a lie, but I believe I am a better person for it. I want to say god bless the troops who are being used as pawns in a chess match. I no longer think they are fighting in vain, but by putting themselves in harms way, they are opening up the eyes of the people and allowing them to see the evil cabal that put them there.

Earn an Online Degree?

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Online Degrees

This site lets you look educational opportunities in a variety of subjects, from computer technology to law enforcement. If you are interested in an online degree, it's a good place to start looking.

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Have you seen my Precious?

Tuesday night one of our pets didn't come in. Whe thought we would see her at the door the next day, but she didn't show. It's now been almost a full week, and I don't think she's coming back.

She's an almost pure black cat, and her name is Precious.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I was going to post some synchs with Lord of the Rings, and the Matrix, but I'm just not up for it. I did feel having a black cat in the house was good luck, as she meant the Matrix was on the fritz. Now, I just don't seem to be sure about anything.

Maybe posting her picture here will bring some good luck.

Reverse Phone Lookup Review

The folks at Nationwide Phone Lookup wanted me to take a look at their site and write a short review. I checked it out, and I inputted a couple of numbers. The location of the number comes back within seconds, and it is free. To get detailed information, like the name and address of the caller, you must either be a member, which costs $39.95, or you can purchase a full report for $14.95.

(Disclaimer, this is a paid post for which I will be compensated.)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

False Predictions for 2008

Over the past eleven months, I've read several predictions mad in "conspiracy circles" that just didn't pan out. When the predictions were made, I thought they would more than likely would come true, so I shared them with my wife. Now I look like a raving lunatic, and my credibility has taken a hit.

1. Hillary Clinton will win the presidential election.

I must say, she did seem like she would be the "chosen one", but it didn't happen. Barrack Obama ran a better campaign, but if he was nothing more than a puppet, why would he? Were we hoodwinked by the elites, or do they not have as much power as we thought?

2. The United States would go to war with Iran.

This could still happen, but it probably won't. I remember Rosie O'Donnell saying on the View that another Gulf of Tonkin was coming, but it didn't happen. Gary Hart wrote a letter to the Iranian leadership warning of a possible false flag, but it didn't happen. Did this not happen because plans were exposed, or was there never a plan to invade to start with? And if the COFR are part of the conspiracy, why would a high profile member write Iran a letter of warning?

3. Martial Law would be declared.

It didn't happen. It's been threatened lately, but we still don't have it. It can still come, but it probably won't be in 2008.

4. The elections will be cancelled.

It didn't happen. In fact, Bush has stated he wants a "smooth transition."

5. The economy will crash.

Ok, I must admit this one did come true. Is it going to end with the Amero? I hope not, but time will tell.

I want to make clear I'm not saying all conspiracy theories are crap, but as Socrates said "True knowledge is knowing that you know nothing." Question everything.

Are You An "At Will" Employee?

What that means is, your employer can fire you "at will", for any reason or for no reason. Say your employer hires in a manager who takes a look at you, and thinks you look his wife's ex-husband, so he fires you. Can he legally do this? Yes he can! I once worked for a company for 5 years, when they hired in a manager who just wanted a team of his own people, so he threatened to fire me.

This site claims to give you insight into how employers think. REGISTER TODAY! It also says it can teach you to become the type of employee employers fight to keep.

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

How Obama Won.

I pledge my allegience to the Hypnobama! All hail Hypnobama!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

If I was President. Election Night Special

Presidents are elected on Tuesday, not Friday, but his video still rocks.

Best Uses of the 2008 presidential election in a comic book.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Issue #119. Ha!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Report Phone Numbers.

This is an interesting site. It contains phone numbers of companies that have called homes, as well as comments from people who know who the companies are, and how they felt about getting the calls. Sometimes, you just don't want to talk to tele-marketers and bill collectors.

Harassing Caller Report

It's easy to navigate, and the pages load quickly.

(Disclosure, this is a paid post for which I will be compensated.)

Best Use of a White Rabbit in a Comic Book.

"White Rabbit" has become a very powerful symbol, so I wanted to take a look at some comics that feature a white rabbit.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Here we have a magician pulling a kid/white rabbit out of his hat. Pulling a rabbit out of a hat is symbolic for trying to make something out of nothing, something that has been resonating with me lately.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Usagi Yojimbo is not fooled by the fake white rabbit that is being crucified. The wolf who did the deed is laughing from the "bushes" Vultures are flying ove Usagi's head.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Whosoever shall defeat the looney tunes characters shall be king of all of England.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The rat tries to subdue the white rabbit, but the rabbit fights on.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

here we have a mounted army following the white rabbit.