Friday, November 28, 2008

Despero, why don't You come to your Senses?

Justice League of America second series #38-40, published May-July 1990, pits the Justice League against their old enemy Despero. Despero is an alien tyrant with three eyes, the third one forming the top of a pyramid, which represents higher consciousness.

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On this cover you can see him slaying the Osiris resonating Martian Manhunter, while sporting the in fashion U.N. flag as a cape, amid the falling debris of New York City.

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On the cover of issue #40, we have the fallen angel in the center of the comic book, while the heroes walk to the gates of the cemetery. Mister Miracle, Jack Kirby creation, and the "world's greatest escape artist" dies in this issue. (Don't worry, comic book death is never final.) Of course everyone knows the fallen angel represents Lucifer, or the devil.

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When we look at the comic upside down, it's very easy to see a chalice. There are stars on it's stalk, and the gate forms a design on it's upper rim. This represents the Holy Grail.

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On the splash page, we see the title of this story, which is "Hell on Earth". The first and last letter of this story is H. See the Blob for more on on the significance of the double H. Despero is Holding the Blue Beetle by the throat, while fire, also known as the Green Flame, looks on. In ancient Egypt, the Beetle, better known as the Scarab, was a sign of royalty.

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Here, we see the WTC being destroyed 11 years before the actual event, as the U.N. Flag wearing Despero destroys the Earth.

Hear me people of Earth! What I do now, I do for hates sake! For I learned at an early age that hate is the only power in the chaotic universe! The one true beloved who will never abandon or betray you! Embrace hate and you will be free of torment! Free of pain! Free of life itself! Hear me people of Earth: In the name of hate I bless you. In the name of hate, I destroy you.
Don't be to alarmed, it is revealed it was all a dream sequence.

Those of you reading this who are not familiar with synchromysticism might be wondering what this means. There are various conspiracies surrounding the events of 9-11. One of the most prevalent is that the attacks were perpetrated by individuals wishing to push a "New World Order." The symbol for the New World Order is an eye at the top of a pyramid, and in this comic we see an alien with three eyes destroy the WTC while wearing the U.N. flag. (In conspiracy circles, it is generally believed that the U.N. is part of a plot to form a new world order.)

I've noticed recently that the back covers of comic books often have a synchro message that goes along with the main story.

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On the back cover, we have an ad for a video game.

Terrorists Go Nuke. Aliens Master Military Minds. If the world ends tomorrow, it's all your fault. Konami and Ultra are putting you under the gun by giving you the power and strength to save mankind from certain extinction. In Super C and Snakes Revenge, tow new mega-hit mega-wars, you'll be bombed, blasted, and befuddled by the vile alien Red Falcon and the world's premier madman, higharolla Kockamarnie. From the onset of these onslaughts, they'll fight you tooth and claw with thousands of planet blistering weapons. And if your rocket launchers, flame throwers, laser guns and supreme wits fail to overcome multiple levels of mass destruction, civilization will cease to exist. And you'll have no one to blame but yourself.

In the days following the 9-11 attacks, a case was made for war with Iraq, because they had weapons of mass destruction.Those who wanted the war induced mass fear, and those who opposed the war were accused of enabling terrorists. It's interesting that one of the villains is named "Red Falcon". Horus, who's eye is atop the pyramid is depicted as having a falcon's head. As far as the aliens go, The Secret Sun has done some amazing work in that department lately.


Michael Skaggs said...

Nice post Ed,

Thought provoking and intriguing!
Despero was in an earlier post of mine at T.H.A. when he popped up in the J.L.A. cartoon episodes. Not a nice guy.

My hunch is still that the J.L.A. is "Solar Cult" push, while Despero represents "Serpent Cult", seems those two have been battling it out in stories, movies, mediums, etc. for quite some time. Problem is as of late, you see BOTH symbolisms mixed in todays newest mediums, representing a Union of the two maybe? I dunno, maybe I am just reaching.

Yes, Chris at S.S. is going on a hot streak with the UFO symbolisms.

Be well!

Ed said...

Thanks Michael. I have heard of the two factions, but I am hard pressed to tell them apart.

HOWMusic(k) said...

That comic cell of the twin towers next to curved bridge resonates with Tacoma Narrows acoustic flutter and synchromystically supports my theory of no planes/acoustic demolition on 9/11. Thanks for the content!