Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

When I was a kid back in the long, long ago, I enjoyed the popular series of "Choose Your Own Adventure" books. I was in the library today, and I spied a couple of them, so I checked them out. The one I want to talk about is "Escape", by R.A. Montgomery, published in 1983.

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The year is 2045 and despite your young age, you are returning from a secret spy mission to Dorado, the repressive police state that now occupies New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. You and your group must make it safely back home to Turtalia in the north. You have succeeded in acquiring secret plans for the Doradan invasion of Turtalia. Getting this information into the hands of Turtalian leaders will save thousands of lives. But the journe north to the city known as Denver is long and treacherous. And it's difficult to know who you can trust to help get you there...

The headquarters of the free world is Denver. I've never been to Denver, but it and Colorado in general seems to pop up all over popular culture.

Mork from the planet Ork, complete with a silver upside down pyramid on his spacesuite, lands his egg in Boulder Colorado.

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The Stephen King novel "The Shinning" takes place at a Colorado Hotel. The young poy in the novel is a psychic, and the hotel it takes place in is full of evil spirits.

In Stephen King's book "The Stand", 95% of the world's population has been killed by a super flu, and survivors gather into two camps. The forces for good gather in Boulder Colorado, while the forces of evil gather in Las Vegas Nevada.

In a post nuclear war torn America, the town of Jercho Kansas, just East of Denver Colorado, fights to survive. (I have refused to watch this "program", but I have heard about it.)

So, why does most stories of post apacalyptic America take place in Colorado, home to human looking aliens from the planed Ork, as well as a creepy motel full of demonic ghosts? It gets weirder.

Gilligan, played by Bob Denver, becomes stranded on an island after being submerged by Aquarius. Denver is now on an Island, complete with a scientist, movie star, and a couple of millionaires.

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The above stone is located at the Denver International Airport. Notice at the bottom it says "New World Airport Comission". Eh? I thought they stopped calling America the "new world" about three hundred years ago. The rest of the airport has strange murials of dead babies and kids beating swords into plowshares. It's like some kind of sick nightmare, and there is no good reason for it being in a public airport. If you are unfamiliar with Denver International Airport, check it out here.

I read somewhere, I don't have a link, that there was going to be a synchromystic convention, to be held in......Denver! It kind of freaked me out.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't think the citizens of Denver, or Colorado are evil or anything, but Denver seems to be synching ss some kind of headquarters for a post apocalyptic America.

I leave you now with a couple of my favorite Denvers.

When Uncle Jesse, played by Denver Pyle, would talk to the "Duke" boys one the CB radio, he refered to himself as the shepperd calling for his "lost sheep".

John Denver, who met god in the film "Oh God", performing "Rocky Mountain High".

(note, my spell checker doesn't appear to be functioning, so please forgive any errors.)


Jenn said...

Funny how maybe Denver freaked out that guy proposing the conference and he is living in St. Louis now! Quick, everyone into the Ark(ch)! :D

Your post has stirred a few funny thoughts:

"I leave you now with a couple of my favorite Denvers."

I am from Danvers (which was Salem Village until the embarrassing "trials" eh) and "Salem's Lot" is winking from the corner of King's book! Are you familiar with Faithful? He began the project with Stewart O'Nan at the start of the 2004 Red Sox preseason, and that was the year they broke the curse against the St. Louis Cardinals on my youngest brother's birthday just a couple months after i moved to Missouri. Just super strange!

wise woman said...

You have done well young Skywalker - that's a nice collection of interesting points you've chalked up on your mission - very curious indeed

Anonymous said...

"You and your group must make it safely back home to Turtalia in the north. You have succeeded in acquiring secret plans for the Doradan invasion of Turtalia. Getting this information into the hands of Turtalian leaders will save thousands of lives."

Reminds me immediately this:

Over the years I have had the privilege of befriending various indigenous Elders from all over the Americas who have all talked of prophecy and the role of the centre of Turtle Island in its fulfillment. The sacred site at the centre is called Manito Ahbee, which in the Anishinabe language means "Where the Creator Sits."


Ed said...

Hi Jen. Does that synchromystice forum still exist?

Hello Wise Woman, thanks.

Anonymous- "Come see the turtle of tremendous girth, upon his shell he holds the Earth. His thought is slow and always kind, he holds us all within his mind." -Stephen King from the Dark Tower.

There's a legend that the Earth is held up by an elephant that is standing on the back of a giant turtle. This synchs well with what you have said about "Turtle Island". I'll have to check it out.

Michael Skaggs said...


Great post! I loved choose your own adventures when I was a kid! I was going to do a synchro post with them as I saw many "different" syncs let alone some "softening up" themes to sway young minds for future agendas!

Nice weave!
Be well my friend.