Monday, September 1, 2008


Thanks to Jenn at Hidden Dakini for inspiring me to research Kukulkan. Sorry about some of the pics being off center, but I don't feel like resizing tonight.

Ever notice there are a lot of ancient gods with wings?

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Kukulkan, the winged serpent god of the Mayans.

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Isis, mother goddess of ancient Egypt.

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Eros, Greek god of love.

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The Sumerians had Assur.

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Karmadeva, the Hindu god of love. Although he is not represented with wings here, he is described often as a young man with wings.

And of course there are the Angels. There are several possible explanations for the winged gods, different cultures did influence each other, but that can't explain all of it.

Maybe it was a reflection of man's desire to take to the sky. I can imagine the ancients longing to soar the heavens like the birds.

Maybe all the winged gods were actually ancient astronauts, and the wings were part of some kind of techno suit. I say this because many of them are (such as Isis) are depicted with and without wings.

Maybe they were actual gods. I don't have any definitive answer. I don't think anyone does. But it is a pretty interesting ancient sync.


Jenn said...

*giggles... and how about Mercury and his winged shoes? Great post Ed, and I am honored to have sparked your curiosity. There are wing beats in the air-- I swear I can hear them-- and they certainly aren't absent from my next post! Bye for now!

indras net said...

i like it . keep up the good work. be well

Ed said...

Hi Jenn. Yea, I left out Mercury and his shoes, The Valkeries and their winged mounts, Pegasus, Satan and his demons, the North American Thunderbird, and probably about a million others. Wings are something that seems to transend cultures.

Nice to meet you Indras! I hope to see you around.