Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Best Use of Global Warming in a Comic Book

What's up with global warming? Is it real? Is it man made? If it is propaganda, who came up with it and why? Let's see what the comics say.

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If global warming was this bad in the forties when this comic was published, you can imagine how bad it is now!

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Central city is suffering not one, but TWO heat waves! And at the same time even!

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Ever notice that the room temperature drops when a ghost enters? Now you know why! It's because of global warming!

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Is the spawn of Satan responsible for global warming? I would think so, but he looks so cute! The true source of global warming and what is behind it is revealed in this next cover.

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It was the rich elite all along! Nice Warner logo bedspread btw, and when did money ever have a black and white checkerboard pattern on it? Can you find the hidden pyramid?

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Michael Skaggs said...

Nice one!

Ed you've been busy! Man I missed alot! Need to get caught up! yup, saw the checkerboard on the money, guess its supposed to slip into the subconscious, I feel it working...

...need money...must get money...
need money...

Man, I used to read Richie Rich religiously when I was little!

Thanks for the smile bud.
Be well.