Thursday, September 11, 2008

Best Uses of a Greek/Roman God/Goddess in a Comic Book

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Hermes/Mercury for whom this blog is partially inspired. He is the god of communication, the messenger of the gods. the Romans would say, if you find a sync in a movie it is coming from Mercury, as he is the god of stories. His staff is two snakes wrapped around a stick, which is a symbol still used by the medical profession today. It looks just like a strand of DNA, which was unknown to the ancient Greeks. He is a protector of the mischievous, and I hear lately he is moonlighting by delivering flowers and selling cars that bear his name.

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Zeus is the king of the gods. He killed his dad in order to get the job. Whenever lightning struck the Earth, it was said that Zeus threw the bolt. In this pic he is annoying Captain Comet by giving him a static electricity shock and asking him to pull his finger. In front of the Captain's date even. Some ancient deities just don't have any cuth.

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Calliope is Zeus's daughter and the original muse, blessed with an incredible singing voice. Even though she is modest, she sometimes poses naked for comic book covers.

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Then don't go in the cave Superboy! Duh! Hercules is the son of Zeus and an earth woman. He is famous for performing the 12 labors. Here he is hanging out with Superboy and Samson from the Old Testament.

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Hercules maintained a friendship with Superboy until he became Superman. However things went sour when Superman tricked Hercules and his friend Atlas into looking at Medusa, which turned them to stone. Atlas is believed to be the first king of Atlantis, and modern maps are named for him, which is ironic because Atlantis isn't on any of them.


Nightghost said...

I saw an interesting story about some profanity in the new DC comic and DC having to pull them. Story is here:

Love the post. I remember a lot of the issues that you post and really enjoy your commentary on them. Really cool blog.

Jenn said...

Great post! Funny sync wink with nightghost's profanity comment-- I was just reading an interview with Lynda Carter:

She says that Palin is the anti-WonderWoman, and continues on explaining some other things she thinks are "bullshit". Cheers!

Ed said...

Thanks for the links and the kind words you guys.