Monday, February 23, 2009

Wonder Woman Attacks NYC! Updated

I've displayed this cover before. I found it while I was browsing through comic book covers. The cover date is January 1982, and it is issue #287.

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While the building on the cover is obviously not the twin towers, (it does look a little like building 7 though)I found it intriguing . A runaway plane is about to wreck New York. Inside the plane is the goddess Diana (Wonder Woman), and the Titans of Myth (Teen Titans) are trying to get things under control. All this and the huntress too! But wait a minute, I thought Diana was the Huntress? Oh well.

I thought there might be more to this issue than meets the eye, so I sought one out and bought it.

It starts out with Donna Troy and Starfire checking out the waterfront. They are attacked by green hooded thugs, and Donna is kidnapped. It turns out it was all a plot by Doctor Cyber to get Wonder Woman to fly her invisible plane to New York. (To those of you giggling at her name, Doctor Cyber first appeared in the sixties, long before the internet was common and "Cyber" became the term we are familiar with.)

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It appears Doctor Cyber's base of operations is the Pentagon, (lol) where she is performing some sort of ritual in order to take over the "invisible" plane. Cyber baby, the purple jumpsuit has got to go, but the gold mask is bitchin!

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There you have it. You have just witnessed a black magick ritual designed to take remote control of an invisible plane with a goddess inside of it, and crash it into the twin towers, depicted in a comic book twenty years before 911.

If you are wondering, the Titans were able to save the people from the falling debris, and with Wonder Woman they were able to rescue Donna.


I've re sized the following pic to include the full sound effect. Above one of the towers are the letters RAS, as in Ra's, and to the right of the plane we see the infamous HH. (I'm still not sure what HH means, but I see it pop up alot.)

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The Kool Skool said...

That's nuts!!! Amazing find.

Ed said...

Thank you Kool Skool.

dedroidify said...

Crazy stuff, excellent find!

Jon Kidd said...

Great find Ed.

DCyrus said...

Maybe the HH stands for Heil Hitler? That would be my guess, anyway.

Ed said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

DC, HH has some sort of esoteric meaning Taht is a little beyond my grasp. For more info on HH, check out Jake Kotze's "The Blob."

I also noticed the sound effect spells "ark" backwards.

Michael said...

That is just completely mind blowing - what a find!

For musings on the HH, read The Double H Ranch and Connecting the Twins

Cheers, Michael

Ed said...

I see. HH is symbolic for twins, connected at the hip. Thanks for posting that.