Saturday, February 7, 2009

Gregorian Monks do Metallica!

Here are some of the strangest and most wonderful cover tunes of all time.

1. Gregorian Monks do Metallica!

I was lucky enough to see Metallica in concert during the "And Justice For all Tour" back in the eighties. I never thought I would see Gregorian Monks covering one of their songs, but it comes together beautifully.

2. Paradise City In Bluegrass

Have you ever wondered what Guns n Roses Paradise City would sound like played by a bluegrass band? Outstanding stuff!

3. Led Zeppelin in Reggae!

How about Led Zeppelin's Immigrant song sung Reggae style? Not strange enough? What if Elvis was the lead singer?

4 Metallica in Bluegrass!

I started this post with Metallica, so I thought I would end it the same way. Nothing Else Matters in bluegrass!


Accidental Alchemist said...

Hi Ed,

cool stuff.

Ed said...

Thanks for the comment AA. I hadn't had a comment in a couple weeks and I was getting nervous no one is reading. :)

ViølatoR said...

The two Metallica songs were really good. And the Gregorian monks chanting has positive effects on the body, so not only does it sound good, but it's good for you!