Saturday, February 14, 2009

AP "Vaccines Don't Cause Autism, Court Says."

That's what my newspaper said yesterday. This is of course misdirection and a lie by omission.

The article reports on a court ruling that occurred in "vaccine court". For those of you who don't know, back in the 1980's the vaccine court was started thanks in part to George Walker Bush.(An interesting fact is that Bush sat on the Eli Lily board of directors at one time) You see, a vaccine manufacturer can't just be sued, the case must go through the vaccine court first. If you win you can take a tax payer funded 250k award, or decline the money and you can take the case to the regular courts. The bottom line is, to sue a manufacturer of a vaccine you must be wealthy and you must have about twenty years to spare. If you don't think that's fair, you are not alone.

The article goes on to talk about how cases of measles are on the rise and how last year a child died because it didn't receive his round of shots. It leads the reader to make a conclusion that the parents of children with autism are emotional, well meaning people who are harming the country.

The ruling found that the MMR vaccine did not cause autism in any of the children. Eh? The headline read "Vaccines Don't Cause Autism, Court Says." It should have read "The MMR Vaccine Doesn't Cause Autism, Court Says." What is the difference?

The MMR vaccine is a live vaccine. This means it contains live Measles, mumps, and Rubella strains. It never has contained the preservative thimerosal, because thimerosal is 50% Mercury, and mercury would kill the live vaccine. It's the mercury that causes autism, not the vaccine itself. It has already been proven in vaccine court.

Yes, this misleading piece of tabloid trash to which I am referring to failed to mention this fact. Doing so might have scared the herd away from taking vaccinations. In the case of Hannah Poling, it was found she had a mitochondrial disorder that was aggravated by the thimerosal, and led to autism. How many kids with autism have this mitochondrial disorder? One in 166 perhaps?

Ive heard people call the science showing the thimerosal autism link to be junk science. I challenged one such person online to find a scientific, not statistical, study that shows there is no link. He couldn't find any because none exist. It can't exist because thimerosal causes autism in certain kids.


Tijger said...

You are aware that studies conducted all over the world by institutes that have nothing to do with GW Bush or Eli Lily have come to the same conclusion, right?

If you cannot find the studies then please search more dilligently, because you are currently guilty of exposing children to lethal diseases and putting others at risk as well by insisting there is a link between vaccines and autism.

Autism is genetic, its comes from the parents, sad as this may be, thats the truth and we should not have to waste precious resources on junk science, no, worse, falsified scientific reports before we can tackle the real cause.

porovaara said...

So your position is that a vaccine causes a genetic disorder? You realize of course this isn't possible, correct?

As the above commenter posted, at least 10 major studies from *around* the world have showed that there is no link between vaccines and autism. You are guilty of contributing to the mass hysteria that keeps us from finding real ways to stop autism before birth and help those who have it integrate into society by laying blame on some random, unrelated thing.

I hope you enjoy being this irresponsible.

Ed said...

I would like to thank you both for proving my point. You can't provide any link to a non statistical scientific study to validate your point, because none exist.

The genetic "disorder" you refer to is common, and the mercury in the thimerosal is what triggered the autism in the genetically predisposed kids. Some kids just can't handle mercury.

Anonymous said...

There's an old saying about this, under the heading abou arguing with a fool. In this case it isn't straight fools but conspiracy theorists.

The losers will be the kids who don't get appropriate treatment while their parents are wailing about vaccines, or trace amounts of mercury, or power lines which give off less EMF than a toy train, or any simple, visible cause that could somehow make a currently incurable disease into a mere accident.

Slow progress is being made in dealing with autism, but believing there's a magic solution will slow the real progress which is happening now.

Perhaps even the underlying disease will become treatable one day, but in the meantime we need to devote our energy to helping at least some of these kids lead normal, independent lives. Food fights should be reserved for kids, not the adults whose job it is to raise them.

Ed said...

Hello Anon. Although the opinions of others are respected here, I find it perplexing that you call me a fool, yet you don't know me.

Who said anything about a magic solution? And the underlying disease isn't going to "be treatable someday", it's treatable now with speech and physical therapy.

Cookie said...

My son was showing definite signs that he was going to be autistic when he was a newborn baby, long before he got ANY shots. He was hypertonic, easily frustrated, progressed at an uneven pace, etc. At four months, I noticed he did not maintain eye contact.
Now, now could this have anything to do with a shot he hadn't even gotten yet?
I knew what to watch for, because his father has mild Apsberger's.
YES, I did make sure he was vaccinated when he was old enough.
I barely survived measles as a child myself, developed encephalitis, and have epilepsy resulting from it.
The shots cannot cause something that is already there.

Mark W. said...

I have a 4-year old autistic daughter, and I don't think that her autism was caused by vaccines. Lord knows I wish there was a link, because that would give us a key to this awful affliction. Personally, I wonder if some "lifestyle" choices that her mother or I made earlier in our lives may have had some effect. *shrug*

After spending a fair amount of time reading about this decision today, the most frustrating thing about the coverage is that it is rarely clear about the true issue. THIS particular case was about MMR, the other major case on the autism/vaccine link SPECIFICALLY refers to Thimerisol, a mercury-based preservative that was used ONLY in multi-dose vials. Robert Kennedy Jr. wrote a great report on this issue a few years ago that I highly recommend some of you folks read just for a little perspective. Quite often, children are given several immunizations in one fell swoop...vaccines made by different companies, which have not been extensively tested for interactivity with each other. Is there a possibility that in SOME cases, the higher-than-trace concentrations of mercury triggered the autism development or worsened a lower-level form of autism (ie Aspergers)? I think that, yes, there is that possibility, and it should be researched.

But I wonder...why is it that some people will take at face-value studies commissioned by the drug companies, but dismiss other studies as junk science?

Ed said...

Cookie- How old was your son when he was disgnosed?

Mark W- Thank you for your comments. Robert Kennedy Jr. uncovered the truth via a FOI request. While I don't agree with his stance of global warming, I would vote him in as president of the universe.

Anonymous said...

I think this article has hit the nail on the head! I do believe mercury in vaccines DO cause autism and could possibly be linked to Alzheimer's!

Michael Skaggs said...

I saw this too Ed, again, the medes have done their job.

First off, mercury doesn't belong in shots, secondly, to your first commenters, studies all over the world?? Under their version of laboratory conditions right? Untainted opinion for those doing the testing? or are they receiving nice grants and kickbacks from the companies that produce the vaccines?

To your first commenters some real research. Don't digest whats put in front of you by the medes and so called "seance'tific" research. Its not bad enough we have lobbyist's that taint Congress and politics, why can you not fathom that these global vaccination companies wouldn't do the same to those that are "testing and researching"? *cough cough*

No, our loving global leaders like Henry Kissinger [check him out sometime folks] and the U.N. don't want to kill us off with them [vaccines], just dumb us down a few shades to make everyone else "lower scum" compared to them. It doesn't profit them to kill the middle class off with vaccines, just make them more controllable, and miserable. The more sick, the more profit.

Nice post Ed, I don't see why people cannot use any common sense. Geesh.

Be well.

Ed said...

Anon @ 7:30

Yes I am suspicious of Alzhiemers as well as the Gulf War Syndrome that they like to pretend doesn't exist.


It's always good to hear from you. I agree with your comments 100%

ViølatoR said...

Thanks for posting this. My sister's kids were both affected by vaccines, one got seizures until she took her off the vaccines, and the other developed aspbergers from the vaccines. It's clear to anyone with two braincells to rub together that the vaccine triggers something in certain people which can lead to autism and seizures.

The "boy with the amazing brain" supergenius was on a talk show talking about how his personal state on the spectrum of autism was caused by his vaccines and siezures. My dad is clearly on the specturm, which means we were at risk, but we didn't know that there was a danger with the vaccines, and thanks to the business of vaccines, that link will never be officially proven.

On another note, have you noticed all the commercials for dangerous products trying to brainwash people into believing only the point of view of the people whose salary is dependent on us buying their bullshit? Like for artificial sweetners which cause tumors, and high fructose cron syrup which has mercury in it. Oh, well the head of the FDA who was appointed by the president of the company that makes Aspartame says it's ok? Well then it must be!

Ed said...

"thanks to the business of vaccines, that link will never be officially proven."

I hope you are wrong. Proving a link would lead to better treatment.

The drug commercials are just too much. They should be illegal, it should be a doctor's discretion what medicine he prescribes, they shouldn't be swamped with people wanting a drug they saw on televison.

Thaks for the comments