Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why Leahy's "Truth Commision" Plan is Unacceptable

I was shocked today to learn of democratic senator Pat Leahy's plan for exposure of crimes that may have been committed by the Bush administration. The plan calls for granting immunity in exchange for testimony in the areas of warrantless wiretapping and torture.

We don't need these people to admit the truth under oath, we pretty much know the truth already. Granting immunity in exchange for testimony is a cop out, plain and simple.

Under the constitution of the United States of America, we have the right to be secure in our homes and our person and such things cannot be searched without a writ of Mandamus. If someone in a position of power violates this right, and is then granted immunity, then we really don't have the right. In fact, we don't have any rights, because if a situation dictates that one right is to be taken away, they can all be taken away. No one is above the law.

In fact, torture and warrantless wiretapping is just a tip of a very large iceberg. What is lurking under the surface of the water? Were voting machines tampered with in 2000 and 2004? Was intelligence faked in the lead up to the Iraq war? And if so, to what purpose was it faked? And why did building 7 fall at free fall speed due to fire? Why were vaccine companies granted immunity in the Patriot act?

Our economy is in a free fall, our water isn't fit to drink and our food isn't fit to eat. I demand answers, and I demand people be held accountable for their actions.The first three letters to the preamble of the constitution is "WE THE PEOPLE". Take note that it is not we the republicans, we the democrats, we the corporations, or even we the politicians. It is We The People. Our representatives are in congress to represent US. Not the banks, not the special interests, US. It is their solemn duty to investigate possible crimes committed against American citizens and prosecute when evidence is evident. A "Truth Commission" will only serve to provide a few soundbites where a few low level officials admit to wrong doing and ask forgiveness. If we are to remain a country of rights and laws we must have an investigation and prosecution if clear evidence of the violation of constitutional rights emerge.


Christopher Knowles said...

If you read Greenwald it seems as if Obama will be quietly continuing some of those same programs.

Power is power, truth be told.

Ed said...

Hello Christopher.

I want to like Obama, but I am as cynical as anyone. I know he won't do anything drastic like get rid of the fed, but JFK didn't either. A disclosure on some of the UFO stuff would be a positive step, and he seems to be mulling it over.

That being said, I don't follow anyone just because there is a D or an R in front of their names. If he continues the same policies he is guilty of ubsuping the constitution. In the constitution Jefferson said our rights were a gift from god, not privleges granted by man and government.