Saturday, July 18, 2009

Revenge of the Living Monolith

In the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, one of the opening scenes show a group of cavemen shrieking and yelling at a black stone monolith that also appears at the end of the film, appearing to a man on his deathbed. When I first saw this film, at the time I never looked for any deeper meaning behind symbols in popular media, and I found the appearance of the monolith to be strange and out of place. Later I came to understand that the monoliths appear just before a great revelation to or jump in the evolution of mankind.
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The movie was made in 1968. On a quick side note, a monolith showed up in a park in Seattle on New Year’s Day 2001, only to mysteriously disappear three days later.

Years before this mysterious event (1992), the Millennium Hilton Hotel was opened. It faced adjacent to the WTC, and anyone who followed synchromysticism at the time would be inclined to think it would bear witness to a revelation in the year 2001.
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The year 2001 will forever be remembered for the attacks of 911. The television brought us horrible images of falling towers and people running from debris.
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If we were to see a monolith in a work of fiction before 1992, it would be amazing. If we were to see one with an illustration of the towers being destroyed, it would be almost beyond comprehension. So here it is.
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Marvel Graphic Novel #17, June, 1985. I assume the living monolith is the pissed off pharaoh punching the tower. As a believer in synchromysticism, my guess is that the next revelation will have something to do with ancient Egypt, as alluded to by Jake over at the Blob.


Christopher Darrin Horn said...

I think you're right on target. Loved that graphic novel by the way.

Alex Robinson said...

Great sleuthing Ed, what a find!
I know who to turn to if I ever need some comic book references.

All the best

Ed said...


I heaven't read it, but it's on my to buy list.


If you ever need to know anything about comics, just drop me a line.

Michael Skaggs said...

Sweet find Ed!!

No. 17, ouch, syncing with Secret Sun and his 17 pictures post! Nice one!!

Creepy cover.


Anonymous said...

The next clue is monolith showing up on a Scene in Iron Man 2, where Tony Stark replaces a picture of It, by a picture of the Iron Man, I have not yet seen the whole movie but I garantee a symbolic festival.

Maybe it was all a ritual to summon the time traveler Nimrod? ^.~