Saturday, July 4, 2009

Three More? Plus, Random Comic Book Covers

Academy Award winning Actor Karl Malden died during the past week, and today I heard over the radio that former NFL star Steve Mcnair was found shot to death.

I'm not very familiar with Karl Malden, but I remember Steve Mcnair. Just before the NFL playoffs during the year the Titans went to the Super Bowl, I was stricken with the flu and I was having some very vivid dreams. In one of them, I was on a bus with the Tennessee Titans, sitting next to NFL star Eddie George. Titans coach Jeff Fisher was standing at the head of the bus, and he was making a speech about how everyone on the team had worked their entire lives to get to this point, and that they shouldn't let this opportunity pass them by.

The Titans were a long shot to make the Superbowl that year, but that is where they went. It was a strange dream for me to have because I'm not a Titans fan, but I believe I had it so that I would know that the other dreams that I had while suffering a high fever were equally valid. They were personal dreams that I don't wish to share with the entire world, but I will say this, heaven is real.

If the pattern of three celebrity deaths at a time holds up, there will be another one before the week is over.

I heard the news about Steve Mcnair while I was working on another topic.I have some comic book covers in my collection that I haven't posted here for various reasons, and I wanted to include them all in one post.

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If Magik has a color, I would have to say that it's green. In the above comic Stan Lee offers his take on Green Lantern. The monster with two buildings in his hands caught my eye because it reminded me of another monster.

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The second pic is the spooky face that appeared in the smoke of the WTC. I haven't posted this pic before now because it is very subjective. Still, the comic has a demon destroying two towers, and the smoke face appears in the smoke of the towers. And of course there is the Green Man, who is known in some circles as Osiris.

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In this comic, (Daredevil #349, Feb, 1996) We see another devils head rising above the towers. His head is surrounded by black clouds, which resemble black smoke. Scraps of paper fly about him, and it is interesting to note that the last three numbers on the bar code read 911. Ascent into mystery indeed.

Update: The day after I wrote this post, former Secretary of Defense Robert Mcnamara passed away at his home. He was 93.

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