Saturday, July 11, 2009

More Eerie Comic Book Covers

I was browsing comic book covers the other day, and I found this.

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Marvel Two in One #59, from January, 1980. THe story was written by ralph Madchio, but it was plotted by Marv Wolfman. Wolfman was also the writer for the issue of Wonder Woman where she flew her plane through the towers, and the "Deathstroke" issue that depicted a smoking WTC. Both comics were years before 911.

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I believe that Wolfman and others tapped into something that allowed them to see the future. I don't think they knew 911 was going to happen, to them it was nothing more than an idea for a comic book.

This issue of Ghosts is a bit disturbing.

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Issue #81, Oct 1979. At first glance you might find it innocolous, but look directly above the construction worker's head, and you can see two buildings resembling the WTC. THe skeleton in the cement reminds me of this story.

The pulverized remains of bodies from the World Trade Center disaster site were used by city workers to fill ruts and potholes, a city contractor says in a sworn affidavit filed yesterday in Manhattan Federal Court.

Eric Beck says debris powders - known as fines - were put in a pothole-fill mixture by crews at the Fresh Kills landfill on Staten Island, where more than 1.65 million tons of World Trade Center debris were deposited after the Sept. 11 attacks.

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If this story is true,it shows a real lack of human decency on the part of public officials for allowing this to happen. I could find no updates on the lawsuit, but I imagine it is ongoing.


Alex Robinson said...

Maybe the filling is a whole lot more than indecency?

I learned something new the other day that your Treminator cover reminded me of. Here's a link if you feel like browsing

wv was = bit swinish 'PIGNA' :)


"C" said...

Great post! I loved marvel two-in-ones when I was a kid.

Check out my blog if you get a chance. I think you might enjoy it.

aferrismoon said...

On the skeleton cover the worker drops his lap-trowel which is a symbol of freemasonry , doubtless mean' to smooth things over'


Ed said...


You are right, I just couldn't find a better word.


That is a really cool blog, and it will be added to my reading list.


As always, you have presented an interesting observation.