Thursday, October 11, 2012


Hello Friends Perhaps it is fate that has brought me back to this blog scant months before the famous historical date of December 22 2012. (Or was it the 21rst or 23rd?) I remember when I was 11 years old and I first heard Leonard Nimoy mention this date as the end of the world. (Truth is, it was 2011, not 2012. It appears that even a deadline this big can be pushed back) Of course, later interpretations changed the date to 2012 due to uh, damned if I know. But they have to be pretty smart to be able to read Mayan, so I guess they got it right. But that’s not the truth, is it? The truth is they could give us any date they want, and Bob from Peoria isn’t going to know anything different. There is also some talk that the Earth is going to be in the galactic center of the universe. I guess some astronomers know this as fact. I would check this out for myself, but I can’t see the beginning or the end of the universe, so how the hell am I going to find the center? These observations has led me to believe that the date of the end of the world is bullshit. Something to sell books and History Channel programming. That was until the events of last week. After three years of service at the same dealership, my time as a car salesman has come to an abrupt end. There were signs that it was coming, but I failed to heed them because the truth was, I was ready for my career to be over. Shiva the destroyer came and took everything in my career that I had worked for. It is a good thing, because now a new career can begin. So for me Dec 21 2012 has already happened, and I am grateful for it. Now is the time for me to start building a new and better world. I am now a professional writer, and expect to be paid for my work. However, on this blog I will still be handing out freebies.. Thank you my friends and stay tuned, Ed J

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