Friday, June 20, 2008

Firestorm 911

I posted this awhile back on a message board.

I was going through some old comics and found this from Firestorm #55 Jan 1 1987. It is very eerie. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It is kind of hard to read the words from the scan, so I will reprint it here.

First caption"The asphalt had boiled off the cracked and broken pavement. Stone and steel have melted like wax down the front of the buildings. To lie in flaming pools of slag upon the blistered Earth."

Second caption"Thousands of people had remained in those buildings during the battle, trusting to the stone and steel, trusting to their champions, the heroes gifted with powers and abilities far beyond the abilities of mortal mankind, to protect them and keep them safe from harm."

Third caption"Of those people, not even ash remains."

I don't think comic book writers and artists are in on any kind of conspiracy but using a form of precog they probably don't even know they have.

In the comic, Firestorm was battling a supervillian named Brimstone in NYC. In the process, a couple of unnamed skyscrapers were destroyed.

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