Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Ten Greatest Superman Covers of all Time Part I

Superman, who was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster 71 years ago, continues to capture the imagination of people everywhere. The following are the ten greatest Superman covers of all time, judged solely by my own opinion.

10. DC Comics Presents #51

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I own this one. It wasn't a memorable story, but the cover (which had little to do with the story) was worth the 60 cents that I paid. The image of DC's smallest hero raging at a pink sky and promising vengeance is an image that has stayed with me as long as I have collected comics.

9. World's Finest #302

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Any kid who has collected comics has wondered who would win a fight between Superman and Batman. Superman has godlike powers, and Batman is just a man, but Batman always seems to be able to find a way to win. With Kryptonite gloves, I imagine he would give Superman a good ass kicking.

8. Superman #317

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A green Kryptonite poisoned Superman vowing to kill the reader is an image that just doesn't go away. This one was drawn by one of the greatest comic book artists of all time, Neal Adams. The cover just grabs your attention, and keeps it.

7. Superman #400

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This one is a beautifully painted cover. Superman's Rocket ship flies past the twin towers, and even the Earth itself to the backdrop of an American flag. Jor-el is looking straight ahead, while Superman's mother looks sad. Truly an unforgettable cover.

6. Superman #422

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Comics legend Brian Bolland gives us a view of a Superman bitten by a vampire. This cover being in black and white except for the red eyes makes it even more menacing. An awesome cover.

Pat two should be coming shortly. Superman is owned by DC Comics, and is used here for historical and educational purposes.


Alex Robinson said...

Thanks for that Ed,your words helped me see with different eyes.
In the sky pink cover my eyes, (which like to make up shapes) saw a large cloaked figure in the black monument with the round top. I was going to explain it as a Citizen Kane type figure (large & menacing) then realised the significance of that name with the death of David Carradine - strange thing is I've never seen the movie, so not sure where that idea came from.

Am looking forward to the last five contestants

Ed said...

Thanks Alex. Citizen Kane was required watching for my theatre class. It's an interesting film

Christopher Darrin Horn said...

Cool, thanks for the memories, LOL. Comics got me through a lot of rough times in my childhood. Thanks again Ed.

Ed said...

Thanks Christopher. I hope you were able to catch part II.