Monday, January 7, 2013

Lincoln in Comics Part II

Scooby Doo #2, Marvel Comics Nov 1977
Scooby Doo meets Lincoln

Unknown Artist/ Writer

Lincoln runs for governor, is exposed by Scooby Doo.

Abraham Lincoln has returned from the dead and has returned as a ghost. The first thing he decides to do is run for governor of Scooby’s homes state. I don’t know which is more astounding, the fact that Lincoln has returned from the grave, or that a Great Dane can not only talk, but solve mysteries.

Fred decides the best way to get to the bottom of this is to dress as a garbage man with a bow tie and cat whiskers, and find out what the people are saying about Lincoln on the zombie ticket. It beats the hell out of those annoying calls from poll workers at dinner time I guess.

The gang then finds a book about the real Lincoln, and decide the imposter must have studied it too, because how else would he know about such an obscure figure from history like Lincoln?

It turns out this Lincoln was a phony after all, but I don’t think leashing a Great Dane to a skinny stand up lamp would do much good. At least you won’t be in the dark when it bites your face off.



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