Monday, December 8, 2008

Auto Maker Bailout

I sold Ford cars and trucks for over ten years. Yes, they did put out a few clunkers like the Contour, but for the most part they put out quality cars and the best trucks. I never understood the anti American car bias in the media. I once watched a special that spotlighted the Crown Victoria, which is the car most police forces use across the country. The "expose" revealed that the Crown Victoria had a tendency to burst into flames when another car would hit it directly on the rear end at 90 miles per hour. Uh, wouldn't any car be more likely to burst into flames if it were hit by another car going 90 miles per hour? Think about it. Haven't most media reports over the years pretty much said American cars suck, and imports rock?

Hondas are fine vehicles, but a lot of hoopla has been made about them holding value better than American cars. This is true, but it is because Honda's have little rebates. How a dealer will determine the value of your car is, it will determine what the original invoice was, how much the rebates were at the time of purchase, then subtract the rebate from the invoice and then make the adjustments for age, mileage, and condition. The less the rebates are at the time of purchase, the more value the car will hold. It's pretty simple math.

The image the media is trying to portray is that American cars are big gas guzzlers, while the imports are little compacts that get great mileage. The truth is, American car companies and Japaneese car companies both make compact and gas guzzling cars. Have you ever heard of the Toyota Sequoia? or the Ford Focus?

It's clear to me now what the bias was about. They want to consolidate the American car companies, and bring them under total government control.

I had a good job once, now I work part time for minimum wage.

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