Saturday, December 27, 2008

Transformers: Rythms of Darkness :Updated

Thanks to Brocke at Prison Planet Forum.

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The above image is from a Transformers comic book printed in September, 1991.

The year is 2001. My symphony of terror! Welcome to the future. One of many possible futures, but the future nonetheless. It is a future where the Decepticons rule. Where the pulse of life, of light, has been smothered by rhythms of darkness.

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Here's a short video clip from the Transformers cartoon, from 1987.

Transformers Predicts The Destruction Of The Twin Towers In 1987 via

Still image at 9 seconds.

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It would seem, whatever "alternate future" the Transformers travel to, the WTC has been destroyed. The first time by meteorites, the second by Decepticons. Indeed the world was "transformed" by an act of "deception".

Update: I didn't notice before that the meteorites in the cartoon are remnants of Mars. As longtime readers of this blog know, most D.C. Comics which foretell of 911 depict J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter.


Dan said...

interesting concept. I like the ending, about the act of deception.


Ed said...

Welcome to the Garden Dan. :) I checked out your blog, good stuff.

dedroidify said...

Wow! Amazing stuff Ed!