Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Time 4 Sleep

Our bed is getting pretty old, it squeaks, it’s uncomfortable, and it doesn’t match the rest of the bedroom decor. Having a bed that doesn’t match the rest of the bedroom is discouraging.

For most of us, a third of our lives is going to be spent in bed. I spend about 8 hours of a 24 hour day in bed.

Time 4 Sleep has hundreds of beds for you to choose from, including but not limited to metal beds, wooden beds, and leather beds. It’s an amazing site. If you are interested in purchasing a bed, you could spend hours browsing through the different styles of beds, and not look at the same bed twice. Here are a few of my favourite selections.

The Tuscany Black is a sleek, beautiful, luxurious bed. Looking at the picture they provide, I can imagine smelling the fine aroma of leather, laying in it and drifting off to the land of Nod. It comes in double frame, king sized frame, and super king sized frame.

Rhea is a bed that sits up a bit higher than other beds, and I like that because it’s easier to get into. The Rhea also has storage drawers underneath it, which would make it easier for me to find my pajamas.

With a scroll headboard and footboard, the Verona reminds me of a royal horse drawn chariot. If you journey to the land of the sandman in this bed, he will be sure to notice you and give you pleasant dreams.

Choose one of these, or one of the hundreds showcased on their site, and you will be well satisfied.

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