Friday, January 9, 2009

Watch Found in 400 year Old Tomb

I first found this on the Be Not Decieved Forum.

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If those damn time travellers don't stop dropping jewelery on missions, we are going to have a major paradox. :)

Click here for the full story.


Nightghost said...

I saw that story too. Really interesting. I always wanted one of those ring watches when I first saw them in Jersey on a trip with my mom and step-dad to Atlantic City. Even then I thought those little watches were cool.

Ed said...

Nightghost! I'ts good to see you again. Maybe in the future you buy one of those watches, then on a time travel vacation, you drop it in China.

wise woman said...

LOL Ed what a great find.
I wonder what the official answer will be to that?

Hope you are keeping very well

Nightghost said...

LOL, Hi Ed. I drop by, almost daily to read your articles. Just haven't commented in awhile. That would be cool to time travel. Have to remember to not drop it the first time, or will that decision now cause a paradox, oh no, now I have to drop it, LOL.

Love the blog.

Ed said...

Wise Woman

If they find the tomb has been plundered and the thief dropped his watch, we will here about it. If they open the casket and find a wallet with money dated from 2132, we will never hear about this story again.


It's good to know you are still reading my stuff, it's appreciated. Yes, you must buy a watch, travel back to the ming dynasty, and drop it, or I will never make this post. LOL