Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ford Lincoln Mercury

If you've been on this planet for at least some of the time in the last 50 years, you've heard the marketing term Ford Lincoln Mercury. These are brand names of cars all owned by Ford motor company, and a lot of dealers carry all the brands, thus the term. I've decided to have some fun with synchromysticism and break down other meanings for the names in pulp culture.

In the film "The Postman", The future United States has been torn apart by civil war by the year 2013.(2012 Armageddon sync) A drifter finds a bag of mail and a dead postman. He proceeds to take the postman's uniform and grabs a bag of mail to try to trick a nearby town into giving him food. He tells the townsfolk a lie that the government has been restored, and the new president is named Richard Star-Key and he operates out of the Metrodome in Minnesota. This inspires a youth named "Ford Lincoln Mercury" to follow in his footsteps and thus the postal service is reborn.

In the beginning of the film, the hero of the story is walking alone with a donkey, and he is aptly kidnapped by a feudal general named Bethlehem. The hero is led to Bethlehem by a donkey, get it? I was watching a trailer for this film, and I was shocked to find a sync with the pyramids of Giza (piles of rocks) with the words "there is no order" superimposed over them! At 22 seconds.

If that frame looks familiar to you it should. Chances are you see something similar everyday. On the back of the one dollar bill at the base of the pyramid are the words Novus Ordo Seclorum, or new order of the ages.
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Many take this to mean "New World Order". So put it all together and what does it mean? Here is an interpretation, By 2013 there will be "no order", thanks in part to the Postman, or one who makes "posts" on the Internet! Ha! THe Postman is played by Kevin Costner, who also played Jim Garrison, who was a real life DA who brought the Kennedy conspiracy to light.

The name of the company Ford is taken from the company's founder Henry Ford, who was the inventor of the assembly line and thus the founder of industry. In the book "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxly, written in 1932 set in 2540, humanity is controlled by genetic engineering and mind control. The god of this society, is named Ford!

Ford's Theatre is where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. It is interesting to not that the words Ford and Lincoln were often in the same news articles long before the invention of the automobile.

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Gerald Ford served on the Warren Commission, which investigated the assasination of JFK, who was riding in a Lincoln when he was killed. So Lincoln was killed in Ford's theatre, and Kennedy was killed in a Lincoln, a brand owned by Ford! Gerald Ford is best known for pardoning Nixon for the Water-gate fiasco. Current Neo-cons Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld served in the Ford administration.

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States, and also the first republican president. He served during the Civil war. Here is an interesting previous post on his memorial.

Lincoln is also the name of an American car company owned by Ford.

Mercury is the name of the Roman god of communication. He was the god of storytellers and mischief makers. The Staff of Mercury is two entwining snakes with an eagle on the top. It is used by the medical industry today.
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DNA, the building blocks for human life very much resemble the staff of Mercury.
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Mercury is also an element, a liquid metal. It was commonly used in thermometers as well as gold smelting and hat making. Hat makers in the 19th century often exhibited odd behavior, which is where the term "mad as a hatter" comes from. The odd behavior is believed to be due to exposure to mercury, which causes neurological disorders. It was and is used as a preservative in vaccines, and many parents believe it causes autism, which is a disease that severely effects a person's communication skills. Mercury the Roman god is the god of communication, Mercury the metal- destroys communication skills. Interesting.
In the early twentieth century, Lady Liberty appeared on dimes. These were also known as Mercury dimes because with the winged helmet they resembled the roman god Mercury. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Freddie Mercury was a rock singer of a band known as Queen. Unfortunately, he died of HIV complications in 1991.

Here is the message. WE are the champions of the world!!!


Michael said...

Great synching! The world can all be explained via car brands. I wrote something similar:

Cheers, Michael

Just Me said...

JFK was killed on Elm Street in Dallas. It has been called the "Nightmare on Elm Street." In the movie, "Nightmare on Elm Street," Elm Street is never mentioned, so why the name? Freddy Kruger is a dream killer in that movie. How appropriate is that, considering the assassination of JFK on Elm Street was also a dream-killer? And with a name like Freddy, I can't help but find a connection with Freddie Mercury.

Johnny Depp's first movie role was in Nightmare on Elm Street, in which he was killed by Freddy Kruger. Depp later went on to play Edward Scissorhands - another blade-fingered character. Plans were underway in 2006-2007 to make a movie of Freddie Mercury's life, and Depp was initially going to play Mercury.

Ed said...


Thanks. Lincoln has been popping up alot lately, something is up but I am not sure what.

Just Me

Interesting stuff on Elm Street and Johnny Depp. He also played Ed Wood, who directed "Plan 9 From Outer Space."

wise woman said...

Hi Ed
Clever synchs - & as your article synchs up with an article I did a while back I thought I'd pass it on just for fun.

Hope you're having fun with the blog

Ed said...

It's good to see yoiu here Wise Woman. I read your post about teh escapee Fordam. It seems ?Ford Lincoln and Mercury will forever be connected.

ViølatoR said...

Hey I just re-watched Postman, so this was fun. I never thought to look for synchs in it though, and you got a lot of good stuff here!