Friday, July 25, 2008

"Opinion Writers" agree with Savage, Autism is a Scam

Tony Zizza, a freelance writer who has had opinion pieces published in the Atlanta Jounal Constitution has sided with Michael Savage in his asertion that Autism is a racket. He writes " It’s too bad that most people will either protest him or support the protesters in wanting him fired for essentially calling autism a racket these days. It’s also too bad that most people are lazy and will not look at the broader points he is trying to make." What broader points Tony? That parents struggling to raise a child with autism are parasites looking to get rich from the government? Or that children with autism are troublemakers because they don't have a strong father around? He also says "I seriously doubt many of the protesters of Michael Savage and Neal Boortz are the parents of children with truly diagnosed handicaps." Right. Like it's some vast left wing conspiracy to get conservative talk show hosts off the air.
Selwyn Duke is another writer who backs Savage in his offensively titled article "Judge-mentally Impaired Should Get Off Michael Savage’s Back." He pretty much says those who were offended by Savage's remarks are stupid, that Savage was really attacking big pharma and not families dealing with autism.

Do these people live in a different world? Most people in the autism community hate big pharma, because big pharma caused the autism epidemic in the first place. And why are they saying it is just an attempt to make money on medication, when there is no universally accepted medication for autism? An autism diagnosis is not somethng that is easy to get, I know some people who waited three years to get an autism diagnosis. In our case, it was a little over a year.

One could almost come to a conclusion that the attacks on families with autistic children was a coordinated effort in order to confuse the facts and draw attention away from the fact that a federal court has recently found in one case that vaccinations did cause autism, but hey, that would make me a paranoid conspiracy theorist wouldn't it?

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