Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ignorant Savage had attcked children with autism before last week.

A youtube video has been uncovered where radio host Micheal Savage attacks children with autism. I don't have a date for the comments but they seem to be from last month. Here is a transcript.

"Do you remember two weeks ago when I said Autism is a phony disease? Do you remember when I said that to you? That how could so many children be an autism epidemic? In my day, if a kid was a troublemaker, he was a troublemaker. If he shot his mouth off in the classroom, he wasn't called autistic, he was called a pain in the neck! They sent them to a special school for pains in the neck. Now he needs medication, he's got autism. Today, they have redefined troublesome children, and now they are calling it autistic all of a sudden. They all have a syndrome. First of all a lot of its a racket to collect disability payments from the government. From basically poor families who have found a new way to be parasites on the government, which is, if you want to collect free money, free medical care, if you want to get the kid to take tests with help, where the answers are given to him, just say yes, he's got a mental illness, add, ddd, asf. To me, there is one disease that they all have, it's called S-T-U-P-I-D. That's the mental illness most of these kids have. Now you say where do you come up with this? That is so cruel of you Michael. Guess what? I was right again. MSNBC, which is a super left website, has a new article out labeled "autism epidemic may be all in the label." You hear this? Do you hear this finally confirm Savage was right again? And Dateline Atlanta, Mike Stovia, AP. A few decades ago, people might have said kids like Ryan (undephicpherable) were just odd or difficult. Those boy of right, that Ryan, eleven is hyper, and prone to angry outbursts. (Hey, the kids could go on a talk radio show.) Sometimes would try to strike a kid in his class that annoys him. Maybe he is a born martial artist. Any(undecipherable) shirt in his mouth, sucking on it, he's an idiot. That's a different story. Prone to angry outbursts means he is going to be a good lawyer or talk show host. Sometimes trying to strangle another kid, if he's got good control he's probably going to be a martial artist or a good ring fighter. the brother though is hopeless. Sticking his shirt in his mouth and sucking on it, finished. Another thing will help him, give him as many shirts as he wants. those who were diagnosed with a form of autism. And it's probably because of children like them that autism has skyrocketed. The latest estimate is one in 150 will have some form of THAT's BULLCRAP!"

These comments are even more offensive than the ones he made last week. He calls children with autism troublemakers and stupid, and he calls the parents parasites. Listen to them for yourself here.

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