Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's Cold Djinn Time Again!

Earlier tonight out of boredom I was looking at some funny Star Wars dubs on You Tube. I noticed something I hadn't before, Qui-Gon Jinn's lightsaber was green.
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That reminded me of this previous post about how the comic book character Green Lantern had ties to Aladdin and thus Solomon and the Djinn. I found it interesting that Qui-Gon "Jinn" also used a green light weapon. Greenlight is defined in the dictionary as
approve or give permission to proceed with (a project, funding proposal, etc., esp. a proposed film script)
I would say this comes from the age of the automobile and the green traffic light.
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Why was green chosen as the color for go? I don't know, but it is a soft relaxing color, while red means danger. I was told early in my car selling career to never use a red marker because it tells people danger.

Djinn are creatures made from smokeless fire, or pure fire. Not exactally a demon, they can be both good and evil, just like the clay based human. Jinn is a particular class of genie, as is Ghul. Which brings me back to Qui-Gon Jinn and the actor who portrayed him, Liam Neeson. Liam Neeson also played Ra's Al Ghul The Wiki entry says Ra's Al Ghul is Arabic for "the Demons head", but since Djinn is an arabic word and Djinn are not quite demons, I think it would better translate as "the head of Djinn". So Liam Neeson plays two different characters that have names meaning Djinn. He is slated to star in a film portraying the life of Abraham Lincoln.

That's all I got for now folks. I don't know how or if it ties into anything going on in the world today, but it sure is interesting as heck.


Michael Skaggs said...

Sweeet blog! Can't wait to dive into your other posts! Yes, synching up on "green" we are! Isn't Green Lanterns's color representative of "willpower"? I hear, don't quote me on this, that they are making "other colored" lanterns, which I found quite odd, but inevitable I guess.

Enjoyed your take on this!

Be well!

Ed said...

Thanks Michael. I have enjoyed your blog since I first found it, and I am glad you like mine. It's part sychromystic, part conspiracy, with some fun thrown in.

The ring is powered on willpower. I have heard they are making other colors, but I haven't read any of those comics yet.
I wish I knew more about what this green fire/energy is, or why an actor who played two different characters named after a genie is about to play Lincoln. Something is telling me it's important.

wise woman said...

Most interesting tie ins.

I have wondered about traffic lights too & as they are so much a feature of everyday life just how much of an influence they may have (were 'designed' to have?) on our subconscious. Have also wondered about the orange blinkers on cars - quite hypnotic when you've got one flashing in front of you.

Bigevil said...
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Bigevil said...

I think this definately ties into your mercurial research. There was a character named the Hurricane in the WWE played by Gregory Helms. Hear in this clip he is talking to the Rock who connects to Christ/Scorpio(Scorpion King) among many other things. The Hurricane has a peculiar "H" on his costume which equals 8. I read on one blog that 8 is the number of Thoth. If the Green Lanturn represents Mercury and Qui Gon Jinn does then it is interesting that Qui Gon Jinn was the first to achieve a sort of individual immortality or "Force Ghost" in Star Wars. The egyptian word for what William Henry calls the "Light Body Effect" is Aku or Akhu. In this scene the Rock asks Mercury/the Hurricane if he has any idea what "Aku" Mashente means...just thought that was an interesting peculiar coincidence.

Bigevil said...

this is his WWE entrance video
he flies by many peculiar figures including the green Isis Lady Liberty, the Empire State Building the GG/77/Golden Gate Bridge, and Buddha.

Ed said...

Hi Big E. Interesting video. At 1:36 the Time Warner logo pops up, shown as the o in plop.

Qui-gon and Green Lantern are very similar characters. Qui Gon belongs to the Jedi Knights and GL is a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Both organizations have a myriad of non-human alien members. Both Qui-Gon and GL owe their roots to legends of the Djinn, or Genies dating back to the time of King Solomon. Djinn are scarcely mentioned in the bible, but the Koran talks about them in detail.

I found it interesting the World Wildlife Fund, a New World Order front organization sued the World Wrestling Federation over use of the enitials WWF, and shortly therafter a group of wrestlers start calling themselves the NWO. It's like they were saying "Sue us over using those initials punks!"