Friday, July 18, 2008

Mercury and Autism

Ok, there is something I need to write about and get out of my system. The preservative called Thimerosal, once commonly used in childhood vaccines and still used in flu shots is directly related to the Autism epidemic.
When most of us over the age of 30 were vaccinated, three shots were all that was required. Now I think it is something like 36 shots. This loaded up the Mercury in the kids system, 125 times what was suggested by the EPA.

A panicked CDC held a conference in Simpsonwood Georgia, and invited representatives from the pharmaceutical companies. IN their original findings, there was a statistically significant link between thimerosal and developmental disorders. The final study wasn't released until three years later, after the link had been watered down and the studies author was working in another country for a vaccine manufacturer.

Since that time, every government sponsored study has been slanted to show there is no link. Oh, and by the way, every government sponsored study has been epidemiological, meaning it uses statistics. They can't do a scientific study showing Thimerosal to be safe, because they can't fake it and hold any credibility.

They say it has been removed, but it hasn't. It is still there in "trace" amounts, although they don't define what a trace amount is. I remember at the time they said it had been removed from vaccines in 2001. True, but they did not recall the vaccines still on the shelves, most of which did not expire until 2003.

Recently, the head of the CDC had to admit to the link, but she did it in a soft and melancholy voice, and the admission has garnered no mainstream media attention. See for yourself.

If anyone thinks this is just a bunch of crap dreamed up in order to profit from a lawsuit, think again. The federal vaccine court has a limit of 3 years from the time the vaccine is given in order to file a lawsuit, thus giving big pharma long term liability protection.

Ok, those are the facts, now its time for a little rant. Why in the hell was pharma reps invited to a conference and the public was not? Isn't government supposed to serve the public? And why is there a vaccine court? Why do they get more protection than any other type of company? How the hell can the CDC publish a study and not say the author worked for a pharma company?

Ok, rant over. I had to stop thinking about this stuff for a long time, because my anger wasn't helping anyone. But I do believe in Kepler's law, that every action causes an equal and opposite reaction. I believe that god is just and things will eventually be put right.

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