Thursday, October 9, 2008

Best Use of a Checkerboard Pattern in a Comic Book VI

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Archie and his friends in the local diner. The diner has a checkerboard floor, and this is consistent throughout the series. Uh, Arch? I think there are health dept. rules about not wearing a tank top in a kitchen.

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This one was probably made during the Billie Jean King match with Bobby Riggs in the "Battle of the Sexes". Hey, nice shirt Archie!

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I couldn't agree more. No doubt there is meaning behind the "R" and the "S" on the chessboard, but I don't what it is. The Honeybee shirt is interesting, due to the recent die off of the Honeybee.

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It looks like Archie is finally going to pay for his crimes.

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The Nazis used the checkerboard pattern o their planes? Really?


aferrismoon said...

A lot of odd patterns were used by ships to mess with the silhouette.

Jenn said...

Hi Ed! These Archie covers always bring me back to childhood memories. My mom worked at a 7/11 for a while, and she loved to bring home a jackpot of comics for me...lots of Riverdale stories. Anyway, I was coming to say hi finally after my trip to the festival, and to me, the "R""S" is another sync from the Coalessence. I first heard about the festival through Reality Sandwich, and it's readers are known as RS-ers. Weird! Have a nice one!

Ed said...

Aferrismoon- I was not aware of that. were checkerboards common?

Jenn- Hi. Glad you had fun at the festival, I'll have to check out "Reality Sandwich"

Michael Skaggs said...

Wow, I didn't know that either, I would think a checkerboard plane would be easy to spot??

that Archie cover with the girls playing chess, man, classic and true! WTF, talk about rubbing it in huh?
Perhaps these checkerboards are presented when a bit of "duality" is present in the cover?

Of course, I had my theory on it penetrating the conscious into the subconscious more easily, but its anybody's guess!