Monday, October 13, 2008

Best Uses of an Hourglass in a Comic Book

The Hidden Agendas posted a fascinating piece awhile back that talked about the symbolism of the hourglass. The Hourglass has been commonly used in comics almost since their conception.

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Gold is falling, but when it bottoms out Richie will buy it up and flip that hourglass.

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Degaton is a time travelling villian from 1947, who at the end of every one of his schemes ends up as a lab technician back in his own time. In this one, it looks like he is controlling the "time" of the Justice Society, as they look on in horror.

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Here, the Sandman and Sandy (worst sidekick name ever, I would expect more for a Kirby creation) are showing the bad guys their time is up.

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Chronos is another time hoping hourglass wielding villain. He goes from era to era, searching for a time where his costume will be considered cool.

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After reading this one, Benjamin Fulford came up with a brilliant idea on how to fight the Illuminati.


Michael Skaggs said...

Oooh more MK/Monarch symbols! The infamous Hourglass! Wow, the one with Batman/Superman with Chronos! That's a pretty popular "time character" or "ruler of time" in D&D books too!

Thanks Ed!

Ed said...

Thank you Michael, for posting the inspiration for this one.