Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In the Garden

When I first started this blog last summer, I wasn't working. Like millions of other Americans I had lost my job and was collecting from the unemployment insurance fund. I spent a lot of time online, and I discovered Jake and Steve's Youtube videos, which led to their respective blogs. I was fascinated with the term "synchromysticism". All my life I had seen connections between things, but I didn't understand the symbolism and siguls corporations use, and studying these helped me to understand the world better. The truth is, I don't know squat about astrology or astronomy, but I do understand hidden meanings behind movies, comics, and novels. I also know that some huge conspiracy was afoot, one that is behind 9-11 Autism, the Global Warming scare, and the crashing of the economy. I wanted to contribute to the conversation, so I plowed some dirt and planted a few seeds in this garden. As I sought out other "synchromystic blogs" I found that there are many talented and brilliant writers in this community, and I'm honored that they (you) would sometimes pass by the Garden and have a look. I understand that it's easier to read a blog if it's broken up with different pictures, it gives the mind a chance to indulge and refresh itself, so for that reason, here's a comic book cover of a magician pulling a kid pretending to be a white rabbit out of a hat.

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I haven't posted or read anything on the blogosphere for the past week, I've been trying to find work, and I've been doing a little writing for peanuts. I hear the peanuts are coming soon, but I'm still waiting. I took some time to catch up tonight, and I re-discovered why I love to read synchromystic blogging. here are a few of them.

Michael Skaggs at the Hidden Agendas outs another mind conditioning science story as part of an eugenics agenda.

Jenn at the HiddenDakini continues coverage from the coalescense festival.

Wise Woman at Too Long in This Place wrote a post about the collective consciousness of man repressing memories of a great disaster, and it touched something in my consciousness and really blew me away.

Aferismoon explains some Tarot symbols to in In-4-structure.

Dedroidify gives us a funny story from a philosopher about enlightenment and bliss.

Christopher Knowles at the Secret Sun spotlights comic great Jack Kirby's Devil Dinosaur series.

If I missed you I'm sorry and feel free to add your latest work, and I want to take this moment in time to thank all of you for putting out such great blogs.


aferrismoon said...

Definitely think the continued COMIX inspire many ideas. The Richie Rich one that I used threw out a lot of info.
Perhaps don't ignore the insurance ones either , even though they may not seem so 'synchro' or a bit 'dry'. I teach English at a couple of Insurance comapanies, and there are some odd things that happen within MTPL [ Motor Third Party Liability], not that I wholly grasp them, but I feel that is one of th things about insurance.
Happy Gardening

Michael Skaggs said...

I agree with Aferris, ever since seeing Richie Rich [which I read as a kid] here at M.C. I wanted to get ahold of some of them to browse!

Thanks for the plug Ed, the blog sphere appreciates a stroll through Mercury's Garden to recoupe' from the psycho-poo.

Peace my friend!

Jenn said...

Ed, it's great to see you back and i hope your dry spell ends soon! I'm doing my rain dance for you :D

wise woman said...

Hi Ed
Am at a bit of a loss for words to explain how touched I am by this 'view of the gardener' - you remind me to look not just at the articles, but to the soul that creates them.

I wish you every good thing.

Ed said...

Thank you my friends. You all have such great blogs, and thanks for all the great work you do.

Michael Skaggs said...

Hope you find something worth "your time" for work--plus maybe this will give you an opportunity to seek your bliss in a certain area/field?

Whats the way the Japanese symbolize Crisis? I think its made up of the symbol for Danger plus the symbol for Opportunity, or Danger+Opportunity = Crisis. Perhaps opportunity will come from all this.

Be well Ed.

aferrismoon said...

Hey , check Secret Sun's post from the 28th, same day as this, the first pic is of a Kirbyesque GARDEN of Eden + a cover with Caveman and woman, not dragging each other.
Its a fine synch, and considering the Garden metaphor, it got seeded and grew in the same moment.
GN[53] = Hebrew for garden and also gene.

Ed said...

Michael- I've been working on my writing and trying to find the right market. It's a lot of work setting up.

Aferrismoon- the Garden has synched with the Secret Sun so much i've started to take it as commonplace. One time we wrote posts that mentioned "Brave new World" on the same day and almost to the minute of each other.