Monday, October 6, 2008

Best Uses of an Alligator in a Comic Book.

If Alligators represent galactic center, lets take a look at some comic covers and see what's syncing.

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Pebbles and Bam-Bam are riding the galactic center while their parents look on. To me, the Flintstones represent not the past but a future where technology is scarce, and people use their ingenuity to get by. Like using a Woolly Mammoth for a shower head.

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At the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, Hope stands in the galactic center, comforting a panicked damsel in distress.

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Goofy and Mickey search for the treasure of El Dorado while Donald plays "My Pet Goat". The three little pigs turn the table on the big bad wolf.

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Foodini's magic can not stop the approach to the galactic center, nor can it stop the Age of Aquarius.

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The birds fly oblivious into the galactic center while Maturin looks on.


Michael Skaggs said...

and the Jingle Jangle comic No. is 33, classic.

Bob Hope's own comic, geesh, why don't I have my own??

Be well brother.

Ed said...

"The Adventures of Michael Skaggs". I'd read it.

Thanks for the comment.

aferrismoon said...

Its great that Bob Hope, mixing with this Market Crash, the alligator in the 'sub-prime' position. Also reminds me that the Florida thang will be up and running in a few weeks with the election.
And B-ob = Hope , but as BOB is the same both ways I guess it'll just be superficial change.
I guess the alligator = Palin
And Michael Skaggs likes Cycle Mags, well , some of the time


Ed said...

Maybe B. OBama can deliver on his message of HOPE.

Nice catch once again Aferrismoon.

wise woman said...

Hi Ed
I couldn't help noticing Bob's starched trousers, which gave the impression of two towers sitting on an island.

Ed said...

Hello Wise Woman. Yes, there are all kinds of messages in that one

Michael Skaggs said...

Thanks for the laugh Ed! I appreciated that!!

Be well.

Aferris! How did you know? and yes its some of the time. LOL [personally and don't tell anyone, I have more Bon Apetite mags right now.]

Cheers all!