Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Push it! Push it real Good!

A strange thing happened to me the other day as I was paying my electric bill. The receptionist asked me if I had signed u for the free light bulbs yet. I told her I had not, and then she showed me the corkscrew Mercury filled light bulbs. I could feel the rage building up from my belly, and I had to bite my lip, look her in the eye, and say that I was not interested in the "free" light bulbs. Why would the electric company be pushing these things? Wouldn't using more electricity be in their best interests? I started to ask questions about the bulbs, who was pushing them and why, but the receptionist could see the fire in my eye, and she clammed up.

And then there are the signs and commercials everywhere, get your flu shots here! Once, an elderly co-worker told me he was gong to H.R. to get his work paid for Flu shot. At risk of losing my job (something that happened later anyway) I warned him of the mercury in the Thimerosal in the flu shot. He told me he knew about that, and that he would ask for a Thimerosal free shot. I told him that when he asks, they will tell him they don't have that version available. When he came back, he told me things went down just like he said they would. Why are places of business offering these things?

Mercury is a known neurotoxin. They know people are not going to take the bulbs to a recycling center, lol. They know the chance for autism increases with flu shots, They also know it can put the older population at risk for Alzheimers. Do they want more people to get sick? According to Dr. David Ayoub and his film "Vaccines and the Global Agenda", that is exactly what they want. There was a time when I wouldn't have believed this, but I'm not blind to the evidence.


Michael Skaggs said...

Hey Ed!

Yes, that time of year isn't it, where everyone is concerned with the flu shots! I highly recommend a natural heavy metal detox to anyone that wishes to try and excrete any of those horrid toxins from their body for starters. And man, talk about working in the Lion's Den, I work [not for mind you] in a CDC building where they push vaccines, I just shake my head and go about my business and ask why most of the time.

Nice post, and what do you think they effects are for those corkscrew bulbs? I just put one in because thats all that was available in this place for replacements! Yikes!!

Be well!

Jenn said...

Wow, thanks Ed! I hadn't really thought about the mercury yet, but some friends were telling me that those bulbs were hurting their heads. Literally just causing terrible headaches, and once the bulb were removed--pain free! Take care :)

Ed said...

Thanks guys. Sorry I haven't been around for a couple of days, I have been prusuing a venture I am going to talk about in my next post.

I have heard of the corkscrew bulbs causing headaches, and I just don't trust the damn things.