Friday, October 17, 2008

Make Money Online!

Buy my course! LOL! I got you to look. Being an American, and also being unemployed with the unemployment compensation run dry, I have been pounding the pavement looking for work. What I have found was that even the mid level paying jobs, jobs I used to be able to just walk in and get are now a bit harder to get into. I could go back to car sales, but I am retired from that life and I really don't want to do that anymore. Being desperate, I looked into some programs where you can make money online.

I once had a grand plan to just make money from E-bay. Being a car salesman, I had resources where I could get auto manuals cheap and re sell them online, for sometimes double what I had paid for them. I would keep taking that income and re-invest it until I was making enough money to quit my job. It was a good plan, but it didn't work. Something would always come up where I needed to "borrow" from my E-bay fund, or I would buy a manual that wouldn't sell for some reason. I even looked into the "drop shipping", but it is a complete waste of time. What if you sell an item you don't have, then when you order it it's out of stock? You can't run an E-bay business that way. I'm sure there are folks who make good money from E-bay, but it's hard to start from scratch, because if don't have the inventory, you can't sell it for a profit.

So then I looked into being a paid blogger. This week, I applied to get paid for my writing, and i have yet to hear back from the company I applied with. (Wish me Luck) I had to submit a test article on a subject I knew little about, but what the heck, all things are connected aren't they. LOL. I'll let you know how it turns out.

I also became a paid forum poster. Companies often have forums with their websites, and they will pay people to post on them to get traffic driven to the main site. Imagine trying to make 15 posts a day on a certain type of laundry detergent. Now that takes some creative writing! Most places pay 10 to 15 cents per post, and trying to come up with only 100 posts per day can be a daunting task, although there is no minimum requirement. Still, when you don't have anything, 100 bucks a week beats a poke in the eye with a stick.

So......I am thinking about starting a new blog about making money online, but without selling a course, just telling the truth. If you don't know what you are doing you can make a few bucks, but still fall below the poverty line. It could also serve as a beacon for all the money gurus out there to come in and give me a few tips. Couldn't hurt.

Edit, I did make a new blog, check it out.

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