Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Best Uses of a Caveman in a Comic Book

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There are tons of comics that show cavemen interacting with aliens. It's interesting the title of this comic is "Operation Peril" foreshadowing every military action after 1990 having the word "operation" as a suffix.

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Turok Son of Stone was the story of two native Americans trapped in a land of dinosaurs and cavemen. The story takes place before Columbus sailed the ocean blue. I haven't read any of the comics, but native Americans are portrayed as the heroes and it would be interesting to check out.

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Here, the son of Satan is menacing a hapless caveman. I would not be able to imagine how you could take a demon from the pit and make him look cute were it not for Hot Stuff.

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Cavemen were often depicted as knuckle dragging brutes who drug their women along the ground by their hair. So to see this caveman dragging a talking woodpecker is disturbing.

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In this one, the gender roles are reversed. I find it troubling that for some reason this cover reminds me of my marriage.


Jenn said...

You know, that third cover is really powerfully reminding me of the recent defeat of the Boston RedSox (and their green monster) by the Tampa (formerly Devil) Rays! weird!

Ed said...

Good Catch Jenn!

I wonder if I could find a cover of a devil eating a philly sandwich?