Thursday, August 7, 2008

Batman in Ancient Rome

Wise Woman at
Too long in this place
recently did a couple of thought provoking posts on Batman and Solomon Grundy. By chance I found an episode from the old Super Friends where Batman fought Grundy in ancient Rome.

Good stuff.


wise woman said...

Hi Ed
Great find indeed.
I'm sure Solomon Grundy is a parody of the human race - I guess "Hades' giving chase fits the bill too!

Michael Skaggs said...

THAT was funny! Ed, I grew up on Super Friends, yikes! Don't remember all that swearing..kidding!

I think Wise is right about Solomon Grundy representing the bottom end of the bucket as the eugenicists would say, especially after reading that nursery rhyme he "evolved" from.

Nice one!

Ed said...

Thanks guys. When I first saw this I couldn't stop laughing!