Sunday, August 17, 2008

Futurama: the Beast With a Billion Backs Review- Warning- Spoilers.

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The latest installment of the Futurama direct to DVD series picks up where the last one left off, with a rip in time and space caused by Bender's overuse of time traveling. While panicked at first, the people of the universe learn to live with the rip and go on with their lives. Amy and the amphibian Kif get married on Kif's home wold. Fry also finds love with a girl named Colleen, but is dismayed to find that she is living with 4 other men.
Feeling despondent, Fry flies into the Space time rip where he meets an intelligent orb named "Yivo" who has a single eye and multiple tentacles. Injecting a tentacle into Fry's cerebral cortex.
Meanwhile, the Professor and his rival Wernsworth try to protect the Earth by encasing it in hexagon shaped "Diamondonium" plates. The tentacles have no problem smashing the Diamondonium and proceed to enslave every living being in the universe except for the cyclops Leela. One eyed Leela is able to save humanity by breaking the hold of the monster but humanity decides to go back to the monster voluntarily.
Yivo takes all the beings of the universe to his own universe, which looks a lot like heaven. Meanwhile, Bender has joined a secret society called "the League of Robots." Bender makes a deal with the robot Devil and amasses an army of damned robots to take humanity back from Yivo.

I am not as well versed in synchromysticism as some others, but the symbolics in this dvd is strongly overt at times. There were few parts where I laughed out loud, and I found the overall them of the movie to be just plain weird. When Bender leads the secret society and the army of the damned against heaven, you find yourself rooting for the army of the damned without even realizing it. It's hard to tell who the good guys and the bad guys are. Yivo enslaves humanity, but then releases them so they can choose to be enslaved. The secret society act as humanity's savior when in truth they are the one doing the enslaving. I hope another synchromystic blogger does a review on this soon, my head hurts.

Edit: After thinking about it, I believe Yivo represents god, who turns out to be a one eyed monster with tentacles. The League of Robots could represent any number of secret societies, and one eyed Leela represents the NWO. Or something like that.


Michael Skaggs said...

Hey Ben,

I did a breakdown on this moive at Hidden Agendas a little while back, seems it's re-synching up in the blogo-sphere here and Celtic Rebels recent works too.

peace bro.

Ed said...

Hi Michael. Thanks for the comment, but who is Ben?

Michael Skaggs said...

OOPS! LOL I was just about to post to BEN'S blog at Pseudo Occult after yours! *smacks head on third eye* Ouch!

Sorry about that Ed!

My bad!
Be well.

Ed said...

I just read your analysis and I agree completly, the movie was crap. It was interesting looking for the syncs though.
The next dvd looks to be much better. If you haven't seen "Benders Big Score" check it out, it is way better than Beast with a Billion Backs.

Anonymous said...

I just found this great blog, and I'm 9 years late to this party, but here goes: The movie is modified biblical allegory. The alien represents Lucifer, who enslaves humanity with a mind control Mark of the Beast during the Tribulation period, which humans will voluntarily choose. Leela represents Nephilim, which are partially humans and partially demons. Nephilim were worshiped throughout the world in ancient times, and were known in "legends" as Hercules, Thor, Quetzlcoatl, Nagas, etc. The Great Flood of Noah was partially in response to the corruption of human bloodlines by demons, but the same thing happened again for a while after The Flood. Gods only begotten son, Jesus Christ, says in the Bible that the last days will be as "the days of Noah", which many interpret to mean a return of the Nephilim. It's interesting that there are reports that the Rothschild family have claimed descent from Nimrod, who is the only Nephilim mentioned by name in the Bible. Robots/androids/cyborgs/clones will probably be vehicles that demons will use to act in this world, and it would not surprise me if some were already here leading secret societies.