Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Elephant in the Living Room

Today I want to explore the old expression and the republican symbol to see what synchronicities pop up.

Wikipedia defines the expression is sometimes used to refer to a question or problem that is obvious, but which is ignored out of embarrassment or taboo. The idiom also implies a value judgment that the issue ought to be discussed openly.

When I think of the Elephant in the living room, this popular web image comes to mind.

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It depicts a sheep watching the president on Fox news. It implies that Fox news watchers are easily led and herded, and they lack individuality. The reason it reminds me of the old saying is that the current presidents political party is republican, which has the animal sigul the Elephant. When Bush appears on the nightly news, he becomes "the elephant in the living room." So am I saying no one talks about the president? No, it's not my living room I am referring to, neither am I referring to the American public, or the president himself. The Sheep that is easily led and herded is the mainstream media. Their living room is television, newspapers, radio ect. The elephant in the living room is 911 truth.

I don't want anyone to think I am bashing and blaming republicans. I find that democrats and republicans are two sides of the same coin. One side of the coin depicts and elephant, the other a donkey. There are good people on both sides of the isle. But 911 happened when the republicans were in power, and their symbol is the elephant, so the event symbolically represents the elephant in the living room. The three towers falling at free fall speed, one of which was not even hit by a plane, the lack of debris in Pennsylvania, the hole at the Pentagon being to small for a 747to fit through, all these things cannot be explained by the official government account. Certain parts of the mainstream media have covered the conspiracy only in an effort to debunk it, and to date they have failed miserably. So for the most part they don't talk about it, despite the fact that one third of the public doesn't believe the official story. 911 truth is taboo in the mainstream media.

Time-Life's book Mystic Places expounds the theory that elephants were abundant in Atlantis.
Atlantis was a land where skilled agriculturists created sweet-scented orchards and where animals, including a very large stock of elephants flourished.

Whether or not Atlantis actually existed is not as important as the story itself, because the symbolic meanings behind stories have power. Plato writes
"They appeared to be superlatively fair and blessed, yet they were filled with lawless ambition and power."

The story goes on to tell of an invasion of Athens, and the god Zeus in his anger destroyed Atlantis. It is interesting that Atlantis, the land of the elephants, was destroyed by Zeus, who is linked to the monument of the first republican president.

So how did the republican party adopt the elephant as it's symbol? In 1874 cartoonist Thomas Nast, who is responsible for the depiction of Uncle Sam, drew a cartoon that showed the democratic symbol the donkey dressed in lion's skin with animals fleeing from it. One of the animals was an elephant that had "republican vote" on its side. From then on republicans were associated with the elephant.

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If it were not for this simple cartoon, republicans would not be symbolized by the elephant and thus the course of human history would have been different. Written on the donkey are the words "NY Herald" and "Ceaser".

Here is the current republican symbol.

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Notice the three stars on the back of the elephant are inverted. an inverted 5 pointed star is a pentagram, an occult symbol known as the Sigil of Baphomet, associated with the Knights Templar.

The Baphomet is still an enigma, and there is of course some debate whether or not it was a real item or the product of torture. Several knights recalled that Baphomet was variously a severed head, or an idol possessing two or four heads, or sometimes, as a goat or goat's head. The name is highly unusual, and many suggestions about the origin of the word have been put forward. Idries Shah has proposed that the name is a corruption of a name of Mohammed. Abufihamat, pronounced "Bufihimat," a word very similar to Baphomet, is Moorish-Spanish for "father of wisdom," an epithet used to describe the Prophet. This seems unlikely, although there seems to be a concerted effort to link the Templars with Islam. The Templars certainly had contact with Muslim ideas, and even incorporated symbols of Islam into their emblems, but Islam forbade Idol worship just as strenuously then as now- creating an image of the prophet in order to worship it would have been a tremendous blasphemy.

It is interesting that Baphomet may have been a torture induced confession, and a perversion of the name of Mohammad, and his sigil is now part of the republican logo, when the neocons who have taken over the republican party advocate torture.

Again, I want to say that I believe both parties are two sides of the same coin. I don't think my mother, who is a lifelong republican is a closet satanist, or that she is hiding the truth about 911. I was just trying to see where research of the symbol would take me, and it has been an interesting ride.


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