Monday, August 25, 2008

Best use of a Checkerboard Pattern in a Comic Book III (33rd post)

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There's a menace in the galactic center of the grand chessboard! Plus, you can get your own state's (false) flag!

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No big deal here. I mean, they do use that pattern for racing flags, right?

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It looks like an army of alien hordes are about to knock the reptilian lizard man off my kitchen table and onto the checkerboard floor. The moral of this issue, watch what you eat.

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He has a mind altering pattern below his feet and he still can't pick up chicks! What a loser! No wonder he's marked by the ace of spades death card.

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Monarch mind control assassins. Not very subtle on this cover are they?


Michael Skaggs said...

Love the Comic Authority's little A with wings, or is that a Masonic compass?

Whats up with the Archie ones? I don't remember them being so lame, wow.

Love the last one! MMC for sure! Great stuff.


Ed said...

I always thought the symbol resembled a Masonic Compass, especially since it was the result of a problem reaction solution scenario with the congressional hearings on comic books in the 50's.

I remember a series of Archie comics in the seventies geared toward Christianity, the arist's name was Al Hartly. In most cases I don't think the pattern was put there for nefarious purposes. (With a few exceptions, of course.)