Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Illumination of Mercury

I don't like most politicians, but this guy rocks.

And now a message from Ghettokaiba.

The landfills are going to be filled with Mercury. people aren't going to take these bulbs to a special recycling center.

These bulbs are filled with Mercury, so you can say they will bring about the "Illumination of Mercury. " Here are a few of the consequences of the bulbs.

1. Increased neurological disorders. If the Mercury in a vaccine can cause autism, so can the Mercury from a light bulb.
2. Poisoning of the water supply. If people just throw these things away, and they will, the resulting Mercury in the landfills will leak into the water supply further causing autism and possible Alzheimer's disease.
3. Promoting the global warming hysteria. Every time you turn on one of these bulbs you should get a warm and fuzzy feeling that you are helping the environment. It might make people conscious enough of the fake crisis to vote for a carbon tax. Not one aimed at the corporations, but one aimed at the people.

If this stupid law is not reversed by 2014 I am either going to stock up on the old bulbs or just go back to burning kerosene like my ancestors.


dedroidify said...

Geez, the lightbulb is only made in china and interfere with other technology? lol. Sounds real healthy.

wise woman said...

Hi Ed
You might like to take a look at this little post from Ellis Taylor re theses lightbulbs.

Ed said...

Thanks for that link. It seems there is more to these bulbs than I originaly thought.