Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Best Uses of the Statue of Liberty in a Comic Book

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There is so much in this cover I don't know where to start. The Red Tornado is a robot who can make tornadoes, which puts to mind weather control. The Phantom Stranger is a mysterious mystic whose origin is unknown. In a tale by Alan Moore, he is given the possible origin of being an angel who sided with neither Lucifer or God and was banished to walk the Earth. In the crystal ball we see Wonder Woman/Diana getting smacked in the face with the torch of illumination by the Statue of liberty/Isis. Instead of looking injured, she is in a very sexual pose. This takes place inside a Wizards Glass, which indicates the future of the 1970's. Catfight of the goddesses.

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What could be more romantic than kissing at the altar of an Isis illuminated by the setting sun? I guess you could throw in a dove flying in front of the statue.

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You can't have a best of the Statue of Liberty without a doomsday scene. I wonder if it was global warming as the water suggests or nuclear war as the atom sign would suggest? And why do the astronaut's heat shield have a hexagon in the center of it?

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I think I actually owned this one as a kid. Doctor Faustus was a knockoff of Sigmund Freud, only this Freud could kick some ass. I don't remember what the Hindenburg and the Statue of Liberty had to do with this one, but I'll bet 5 bucks the creator of "Doctor Faustus" was pissed off at or a little intimidated by his shrink.

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I had no idea they had pirates in NYC in the 1950's! I guess Norton and Ralphie are going to have to send them to the moon! AS Isis looks on.

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