Monday, August 11, 2008

Best uses of a Checkerboard Pattern in a Comic Book II

I had a so much fun with this last time, I thought I wold try it again.

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There's nothing like a checkerboard jacket to sweep a gal off her feet. Hey! Is Georgie using a mechanical mouse to get the girl to jump in his arms? Problem, Reaction, Solution.

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OOhh. Burn! Is that Jimmy Olsen with the camera moonlighting in a Marvel comic? I guess the guy has to make money somehow.

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If you ever want to pull up your black and white checkerboard floor, I guess having a golden goddess use her magic to take it up is as good a way as any.

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Somehow it doesn't seem fair to the other racers Sonic has super speed. Hey, what's that Egyptian emblem doing above the Robotropolis sign?

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Are they fighting in space or on a chess board? It's hard to tell, that damn Loki is tricky! Why is the Mount Rushmore card behind Captain America when all the other cards shown have single heads? And is Loki holding cards depicting Luthor and the Joker in a Marvel Malibu crossover? Weird!


Michael Skaggs said...

Nice digs! Wow, no hiding that symbology was there?

Be well.

Ed said...

Thanks Michael. Yea, they kind of put it out in the open this time.