Friday, August 29, 2008

The New World Order Juggernaut

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A memeber of the Prison Planet forum pointed this out to me.

Spiderman #16, coverdate November 1991. Titled "Sabotage" part one.

On page one Spiderman is dodging flying debris from the WTC while swinging through the city. Off panel a battle is taking place between the super villian Black Tom and the superhero known as Cable atop the World Trade Center. A caption tells us Black Tom has just detonated a bomb, and the next couple of pages shows us the WTC with the top half blown off of one of the buildings.

At the base of the tower the superhero group X-Force is battling the supervillian Juggernaut, and not faring very well. Spiderman decides to join the fray. Meanwhile, Cable and a few other heroes are trapped in a darkened WTC surrounded by debris, looking for Black Tom.

Spiderman tells the other heroes Juggernaut cannot be stopped, only slowed down. He then hits him in the eyes with his webbing. Following his lead, another hero goes after Juggernaut's eyes with a sword, which really pisses him off. He then runs full force into the WTC, causing it to collapse.

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The story ends with Spidey and X-force rising from the ruble vowing to bring the Juggernaut to justice.

While researching for this post, the first thing I found was information on an explosion on Black Tom Island. Black Tom Island is located right next to Liberty Island, where the Statue of Liberty stands. Black Tom Island was a major munitions depot before WWI.

Black Tom was a major munitions depot for materials manufactured in the northeast. Prior to a 1915 blockade of the Central Powers by the British Royal Navy, American industries were free to sell their materials to any buyer, but by this time the Allies were the only possible customers. It was reported that on the night of the attack, two million pounds of ammunition were being stored at the depot in freight cars, including one-hundred thousand pounds of TNT on the Johnson Barge No.17, all awaiting eventual shipment to Britain and France. It was obviously a tempting target. Future mayor Frank Hague, then commissioner of public safety, reported that he had been told that the barge had been "tied up at Black Tom to avoid a twenty-five dollar towing charge." *, which would have been around $470 today.

At 2:08 a.m.,(on july 30 1916) the first and biggest of the explosions took place. Shrapnel from the explosion travelled long distances, some lodging in the Statue of Liberty and some in the clocktower of the Jersey Journal building in Journal Square, over a mile away, stopping the clock at 2:12 a.m. The explosion was the equivalent of an earthquake measuring between 5.0 and 5.5 on the Richter Scale * and was felt as far away as Philadelphia. Windows broke as far as 25 miles (40 km) away, including thousands in lower Manhattan. Some window panes in Times Square were completely shattered. The outer wall of Jersey City's City Hall was cracked and the Brooklyn Bridge was shaken. People as far away as Maryland who were awakened by it thought it was an earthquake.

It is believed that German Sabatours caused the explosion, but to this date it is inconclusive.

So in the comic book, we have a supervillian named Black Tom Causing an explosion at the WTC, 75 years after the explosion at Black Tom's island and 10 years before 911.

Juggernaut's secret idenety is Cain Marko. Cain is a character from the bible, the first murderer who some believe still walks the Earth today, due to god's mark being upon him. Whosoever has the mark of god cannot be harmed. When you turn Cain Marko around you get Mark o Cain. Marvel Comic's official site has the New World Order listed in Juggernauts group affiliation.

Group Affiliation
Excalibur; formerly X-Men, former partner of Black Tom Cassidy, formerly Commission for Superhuman Activity, Exemplars, New World Order, eXiles, U.S. Army
So in the comic, we are shown blunt force coupled with explosions could bring down the WTC, 10 years before 911.


Michael Skaggs said...

Wow Ed, that was mind numbing!

I was going to reveal the Marvel "illuminati" series at one point, but did not get the time to do it...wanted to get it out there that IRON MAN was part of them before his movie hit the big screen.

I remember ole Juggernaut from the X-Men comics being Xavier's half brother or something..which by the way, Xavier ends up being one of the Illuminati...

Excellent post!
Be well.

Nightghost said...

WOW! Really good research there and wonderful synch's. Loved the post and really enjoy your blog.

Thank you.

Nightghost said...

OH yeah! Forgot something. Interesting that the clock stopped at 2:12. 2012 anyone?

Really good post.

Ed said...

Thanks Michael. I didn't read "Illuminati" either. I might for research purposes, but it disheartening to see childhood heroes named after cold blooded killers.

Nighthost, welcome to the garden! Good catch on the 2:12. That would mean 2012 was resonating 92 years ago!

Jenn said...

I marvel at your comic knowledge Ed ;) Great post!