Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Comic Book Death

Killing off comic book characters isn't a new thing. Throughout the history of comics there were many issues where you would believe a character had died, only to find out by the end of the comic that it was a fake death.

The first character I can remember staying dead for awhile was Robin. The fans actually voted to have him killed off, and yet they brought him back a few years later. There have been three Robins, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and Tim Drake. It was Jason Todd who took the big dirt nap for about ten years, but he was resurrected when the DC universe reality decided he should live and reasserted itself.

Comic Book Deaths are interesting stories, but they have become a cliche. You can't read a story where a character dies without wondering how they will return to life. Does this mean that superheroes are zombies? Yes, it kind of does. At least DC Comics is giving this idea a poke in the ribs with the upcoming "Blackest Night" event. In this storyline, every major character who has died in the DC universe will return as a zombie. I'm betting that it ends with a mass resurrection.

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Lots of fans freaked out during the recent Batman "RIP" storyline, but the truth is Batman has died many times before. I'm not sure why Robin is accusing Superman. If Supes had anything to do with it, couldn't he just crack Robins skull like an egg?

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Captain America died in 1968 during the war in Vietnam. He was resurrected and killed off again in 2007 for refusing to register his secret idenetity with the government. (Why is there always a full moon when a superhero dies?)

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Mister Miracle was killed in the mid 1990's, was brought back to life and killed again last year.

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Aquaman was killed off in the seventies and in 2006. He was replaced with a sword and sorcery type character, and I hear that sales of the Aquaman comic were so horrible after this they were cancelled. Aquaman will be back as a zombie in Blackest Night. I wonder if he will be able to command dead seafood? I just had an image of being attacked by a boiled lobster.

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The entire Legion of Superheroes have been killed off and rebooted so many times I don't know where they stand today. Superboy survived, died as Superman, and came back.

So, the next time your favorite superhero bites the dust, hold on, chances are they will come back and die again.

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